charleston snapshot: waterfront park.

Right when we arrived in Charleston, we stopped in to The Noisy Oyster for a late lunch. 
Immediately following, we booked it over to Waterfront Park to take in the view.
the contrast of these colors is one of my favorite things about the carolinas

if you look closely, you'll see that they're taking a photo

more of those beautiful carolina colors

i tried & tried, but i just could not get a good shot of the bridge - this was the best one

i love this picture of justin

despite the chilly weather, many people gathered to enjoy the view

palms & pineapples everywhere! justin got the best shot of the fountain.

i had to run to capture a photo of this boat, before it sailed right out of the frame

Want to see more of Charleston?

Next up, I'll be sharing some silly tourist photos of Justin & me in downtown Charleston. Look for it next Wednesday!

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Allyssa said…
Absolutely gorgeous! The colors are breathtaking!
These are so beautiful! You have a great eye, and I love perusing your photos. This looks like a really lovely place to pass the time on the water. It makes me want to book a ticket ASAP!
Jess said…
I had always heard that it is beautiful in Charleston, but these photos really make me want to see it for myself. Amazing that it is that beautiful this time of year, which is still extremely winter-y and snow covered here. Lucky you :)

Some Snapshots

Shon Valdry said…
Great shots of my backyard. LOL The bridge is breathtaking in any frame and is a tricky one to shoot. Well done. You need to run the bridge next time for a great workout.
Rachel said…
Stunning photos, and what breathtaking views!

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