charleston snapshot: we are definitely tourists.

I've taken a few moments of silence around here for the last couple of days, as I've recharged my creative batteries. Eliza posted about her Creative Cleanse a while ago, & I like to think that's what I've been doing. Sometimes it's just necessary to take a breather & reflect on what you've been doing, writing, & creating. 

I find blogs to be an ever-changing medium, & I'm excited about some of the changes I've been mulling over & have in store for this space. These changes shall be revealed after they've been 'perfected,' which, honestly, could mean next week, if I allow my impatience & excitement to get the better of me...  

As a bit of a departure from the previous Charleston Snapshot posts, I wanted to share some silly shots with you today, just so we're clear on how dorky & touristy Justin & I really are. Don't worry - there are a couple more Charleston Snapshot posts to come, their contents being more of the beautiful scenery & architecture variety.

Want to see more of Charleston?
charleston snapshot: waterfront park.

Stay tuned for more coverage coming next Wednesday. 
This time, we'll be viewing some buildings of note in downtown Charleston.

photos: tourists \ nikon


Rachel said…
Your so pretty! Dorky is always a necessity in my book;) I love these shots. Is it bad that I chuckled a little when I saw the shot of the man in his floral jacket? Because I did! You go street corner man in the floral jacket!
Jess said…
Love your shots of Charleston. I think it has recently made my travel bucket list. If you had posted food shots, I would have been a goner, since I forget breakfast this morning, haha!

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Tina Byland said…
Can I borrow your Tory Burch flats? What size do you wear? I wear a 6 1/2 but I can probably wear a range of 6 to 7 1/2. Whatcha think? I've lusted those for-e-ver. LOVE! Isn't Charleston so amazing? Love love love that city. Love it to pieces!
siddathornton said…
you most certainly can borrow them! i wear a seven, so you're set. now, what city is halfway between us? ;)

i haven't stopped thinking about charleston since we left. i want to go back, like, yesterday.
siddathornton said…
you've GOT to visit charleston. i can't wait to go back. it's such a unique, tranquil, beautiful place!
siddathornton said…
thank you ma'am :)

ohhhhhh we got quite a kick out of that floral jacket. in fact, we got a bit of a stare-down for taking that photo, but i couldn't resist. they were just the most perfect preppy couple!

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