the sunday currently, volume 28.

justin's new cologne | birthday deliveries | lunch in chapel hill | hello from winston-salem
reading the final pages of Little Women, college course schedules, & I think my next book is going to be The Out-Of-Sync Child, which was a recommendation from Tammy.
writing in ink-&-paper scribbles, drafting blog posts in my journal, trying to get ahead around here.
listening to the movie Lincoln, which I have been wanting to watch since it came out in theaters. I'm beginning to learn that I love movies based in history.
thinking that Justin & I spent quite a lot of time on the road Friday & yesterday. We visited Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem, Alex & Ashley in Asheboro, Charlotte, & Hickory. North Carolina is a cool state.
smelling like Bath & Body Works' Warm Vanilla Sugar, as well as Paris Amor, lately. Two of my favorites.
wishing for simplicity & security.
hoping this week will be a good one for eating habits. 
wearing comfy clothes. 
loving that Justin is willing to be the driver every time we go somewhere. My interstate anxiety is ridiculous.
wanting nothing but the safety & happiness of all those I love.
needing to go through my inboxes in the next couple of days. 
feeling tired, but thankful.
clicking: As a girl with a coffee cup collection & a big love for warm beverages, Sam's post spoke to me.

seafood in charlotte | no greater comfort than cracker barrel on a road trip

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Happy Easter! You look gorgeous in your Winston-Salem photo! :) Simplicity and security sound like good wishes and are something that we could all use a bit more of in our lives.
Ashley Jane said…
Happy Easter to you too. North Carolina is one of those states I'd like to see more of... well, I'd really like to see more of many, but it's toward the top of the list.

Oh gosh, we need to get into better eating habits. I've been a little lazy when it comes to food preparation.

Simplicity & security. Both good things I could use more of too. Hope you have a lovely day. :)
Kate Harvey said…
I like your wish for simplicity and security. Good things to go after! I agree with you on that.

Happy Easter! Enjoy the rest of your evening :)
michelle y said…
I LOVE NC! That's where we are moving to toward the end of next year (home for my Husband). Love Hickory! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!
oh I love that chandelier on the left! yet another reason to come check out North Carolina :)

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