working hard to make this space mine.

I can say, with absolute certainty, that blogging is one of my favorite things to do.

Since the beginning of the Internet boom, I've been searching for ways to document my life via the Web. The earliest form of blogging I did - & I very loosely consider this blogging - was my daily posting on one of the AOL posting boards - the Alternative Music board. It was pretty cut-throat: snark abounded, snobbery abounded, & signatures with Modest Mouse lyrics abounded [not that there's anything wrong with an abundance of Modest Mouse]. My in-real-life, posting-partner-in-crime friend & I often discussed the board, & we referred to the people who really belonged as Alties

As much as I loved pretending to be one of the Alties, I really found my niche when I opened up a Xanga account. Oh, and a LiveJournal. Yep. I had both, at the same time. For some reason...

Throughout both high school & college, I religiously kept my Xanga account[s] alive, posting about my every day, venting, & sharing inspiration. The death of my very oldest Xanga account - LalaDawg... I know... Shudder - was a sad & heated occasion indeed, but that is neither here nor there. 

I think the thing I loved about Xanga - you know, other than the oversharing & overanalyzing & overwriting - was the ability to customize the appearance of my little space on the internet. The ability to add a background image, change the typefaces, change the color scheme... etc. 

So, when I made the transition over to Blogger in 2009 [the account that came before this one may be found here], I was thrilled with all the possibilities... overwhelmed, even. And even this little blog you're reading right now has undergone several facelifts over the upcoming-two-years I've occupied it. 

All of that to say, I am entertaining the idea of a big redesign to my blog. I can't exactly explain why... I am actually really loving my layout as of late. It has a newspaper-y feel to me, which I really love. BUT, the other design I'm playing around with combines elements of many blogs that I really admire. It is admittedly watered-down... simpler, plainer... but I am considering it. 

In the spirit of sharing more, I thought I'd divulge a little screen shot of the work-in-progress. 

What do you think? Keep heading down the path I'm already on? Or switch it up a bit? The new design is far from complete, but I kind of love it. But do I love it as much as this one? I suppose only time will tell.

I love the fluid nature of blogging. The evolution that both my page & I take part in as the time quickly passes by. I still visit those old Xanga pages. And sometimes, I even add a little bit for posterity. Because I can't think of anything better than having a living collection of thoughts, ideas, dreams, & inspirations, which represent my life.

Can you?

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Tina Byland said…
I love both. I think I like the script font a lot on the possible new one. But I also like everything you've got going on here. Geez. I love blogging, too. It is one of my favorite things to do. :) Happy Tuesday friend!
Jess said…
I love the look of the new design, seems like a good direction to me thus far!
I have wondered, what is the meaning of the name siddathorton? Perhaps you mention it somewhere else, but I may have missed it, and I`m curious!
Melissa Lawhorn said…
I second Jess' question - I want to know what the blog name means! And I like the new direction :) I think it's always fun to change up the blog look!
yes to all of this! sometimes I look back at old posts and cringe, but last summer, when I was figuring out what was actually in my childhood bedroom at my parents' house, I came across a diary I'd kept right after I graduated high school. after a first date, I wrote something like "it was so wonderful that I don't even want to write down the details - that will cheapen them." but I wish I had - I don't remember that date at all now!
Julie Vong said…
i love the idea of redesign! it'll give it that "fresh" and "new" look and feel that you will absolutely love. after all, it's a new year so why not a new layout? :)
Jeannette WithTwoNs said…
I HAD XANGA and LIVE JOURNAL. Thinking about my old posts is so embarrassing. I used to think every post had to be SOOO deep (which was actually just angst). I actually kind of pushed a boyfriend to break up with me by posting about my relationship dilemma and if I should "be tied down." PATHETIC.

I love the design you're working on! I always want to play with my design - as soon as I get something I like, I am inspired to change it a little bit.

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