the sunday currently, volume 27.

These photos couldn't be more indicative of my life lately: eyes glued to my phone, coffee after coffee ingested.

Do you ever have to police yourself on how much time you're spending on your phone? Because I do. The other night, I realized I was feeling a bit dizzy, nauseous even. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, until I put my phone down, acted like a normal human being for a while, then felt completely better. I had seriously been staring at my phone so much, it had given me vertigo. This is unacceptable behavior. Obviously. 

In a similar vein, the other morning, I had two very strong cups of coffee, back-to-back. Since I'm one of those people who feel remarkably zombie-like in the morning, sometimes I feel like I should over-compensate by pumping my nervous system full of caffeine. Finished the first cup, felt great, wanted to feel even greater. Finished the second cup, felt even greater. Thirty minutes later, though, when the drug had completely infiltrated my bloodstream, I felt like a crazy person. Long story short, two cups, back to back, is too many. Just stick with one, Lauren, just stick with one.

Enough about my addictive behaviors. 

reading Little Women, although I must admit I've fallen off of my schedule. This means I'm going to have to re-calculate & formulate a new schedule to finish it by March. Why can't I get through this book? I love it when I'm reading it, it's just the sitting-down-to-read part that I'm having problems with. I guess I'm just not in a reading mood lately. I want my next book to be something I can't put down, even if I'm not in a reading mood. Any suggestions?
writing a book. For real. Thank you so much to everyone, for y'all's words of encouragement. I've always wanted to do this, & I've always had the support of all the people in my life. I just decided the other day, that it was time. 
listening to words of advice & encouragement from a bunch of wonderful people, regarding the path(s) I'm going to take with my career. I am extremely grateful for all the great people in my life.
thinking that sometimes a simple phone call can erase the distance between friends. I miss all of my mine, but it's so comforting to simply know that they're out there, only a phone call, text, tweet, email, etc., away.
smelling Sensual Amber, & realizing it's one of my all-time favorite Bath & Body Works scents. And also deciding I'm not going to limit its usage to the colder months, even though it feels like a cold-weather scent. Still thinking Sensual Amber is a lame name, though.
wishing teleportation existed. This would make travel from Wilmington to Shreveport much easier, thus alleviating a lot of stress.
hoping my skin continues to clear up. The prescription I got has really worked. I feel so much better about the state of my face, & that makes me happy.
wearing the nail color I wore when I got engaged. It's Ciate's Cocktail Dress, & my sister gifted it to me for my 25th birthday. It's one of those any-time-of-the-year colors, though right now it feels decidedly Spring.
loving cleaning my house lately. I mean, what?! I am not someone who enjoys cleaning, but I have lately. This is such a lovely, lovely thing.
wanting more spinach & artichoke dip from Copper Penny. We had it at lunch yesterday afternoon, & it was ridiculously good. It was also a huge portion size, so we had plenty to bring home & enjoy later.
needing more nights like Friday night. Basketball, beer, socializing, frozen yogurt, & hilarious group texts from friends back home. It was the best night.
feeling so fantastic, due to our consistent workout habits as of late. Nothing compares to being in a good relationship with food, as well as in a good routine with the gym. I am just LOVING it.
clicking this list of Canadian books, in search of my next read. Also, this post by Tina. And this one, by Laura. Especially loving this line: And there's something to be said for realizing that home can exist in more than one place. Also, Penzu is the site I'm using to write my book. I'm a fan.

photos: embarrassing self-portraits taken in public, surrounded by people, at port city java \ photobooth


Rachel said…
Oh I am the same with my friends tgey may be miles and miles away but i love that they are only a phone call away! The American Heiress is a book I couldn't put down:) how exciting you are writing a book! Good for you for going for your dreams!
mackensieg said…
I love this! I did my first Sunday Currently post today! :) Your blog is so cute. Good luck with your book. That's so exciting.

Ashley said…
Maybe it's the phone case? Just kidding, but I have the same case, and I am a little too addicted to my phone. It's nice to get back to reality after being absorbed with it for so long, isn't it? I can't believe it made you feel nauseas! Crazy. Happy Sunday, girlie.
That is so awesome that you are writing a book!! How great to have some sort of clarity with a big goal like that and to work towards accomplishing it. Best of luck with the writing process. :) Will you be sharing what it's about?
Sarah said…
Teleportation, ftw.
Tina Byland said…
So proud of you for starting your book! I wish I could teleport to Michigan all of the time. I hear ya.
Jess said…
I`m so bad... I never call my friends on the phone. I love to message or email them, but I really don`t like talking on the phone- it makes me nervous! Happy to hear about your skin improving, and about starting your book- so exciting :)

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michelle y said…
Blah. I need to stay away from my phone and ipad. I watch TV and am still glued to both. I love that you are writing a book! So awesome!
Erin said…
I'm so in awe of you and so inspired that you are writing a book. It is such a daunting undertaking and its absolutely amazing that you are doing it. I'm jealous! It's always been my dream to write a novel. Maybe you'll give me a little inspiration to finally sit down and do it, too!

Amy Lynn said…
Love that nail polish color! So pretty :)

Also, it's so great that you're feeling well thanks to healthy eating and exercise! I've been feeling the same way lately, and it's just amazing! It makes you wonder why you aren't always living that way, ha!

Hope you have a great week!
siddathornton said…
hahaha, as soon as i get the 4-1-1 on teleportation, i'll send it your way. it would make life a lot easier, right?

and my drive comes in definite waves - the past couple of days, for example, have not been productive AT ALL. i'm taking baby steps, trying to get more productive as a whole. i can't look at individual days - it would depress me too much!
siddathornton said…
thank you about the polish color - i've really been loving it, but it definitely needs some touching-up soon. it's totally chipped, & getting my hand caught in an electric mixer this afternoon didn't help!
siddathornton said…
awww, stop! haha, thank you so much about the book writing. there are good writing days, and there are slow writing days, but i'm trying to take it all in stride. we'll see where it goes ;)

also: just start writing yours! the rest will follow. beginning is the hardest part!
siddathornton said…
thanks dearie :)

i deleted facebook off my phone, so that eliminated a huge time suck, & i feel great about it!
siddathornton said…
thank you ma'am :) hopefully the book that results will be decent.
siddathornton said…
thank you so much! i will definitely be sharing what it's about, as it develops a bit more. i've always had a loose idea of what i want to write about, but it's still kind of taking shape. i literally just sat down, & started writing, so i'm just seeing where it takes me. i can't wait to share more about it!
siddathornton said…
i got that phone case from j.crew in maine when we were on our honeymoon - i love it!
siddathornton said…
so happy you linked up for the first time this week! :)

thank you so much about my blog, & about the book-writing!!

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