the sunday currently, volume 26 [happy birthday, kara! edition].

Today is my little sister's big 2-1 birthday.
yep. this is us.

Even though we're not in the same city today, I hope you have the best birthday ever. Can't wait to see you in May!

reading Little Women & THREE Real Simple magazines. Yeah, I know, I'm a little bit behind. But I am on schedule to finish LW by the end of March. 
writing some thank you notes I've been majorly putting off, this week.
listening to my instincts & going for it.
thinking this week's answers are going to be kind of short. I'm tired from all of our adventures! We've had a lot of fun this weekend, exploring & eating.
smelling my new Golden Vanilla car air freshener I bought at Bath & Body Works this weekend. B&BWorks is quickly becoming one of my favorite places these days.
wishing my skin would clear up. I haven't had issues like this since college.
hoping I work out every single day this week... & then, for the rest of the month, too.
wearing my bangs down & loving them. 
loving Instagram lately. It comes in waves.
wanting to re-visit all of the new restaurants we tried this weekend. I really, really loved Copper Penny & Dixie Grill.
needing to drink more water. Do I sound like a broken record? That's because I need to get my act together.
feeling like it's time for a good ole workout. 
clicking some new blogs that I am absolutely loving. Lemon Stripes. Laken B. Nix. {dear friend}. E Tells Tales. Wishful Nals.

photos: instagram


Amy Lynn said…
I love B&BW too, but I just never seem to go there anymore!
And I hear ya on the drinking more water thing, I really need to get my act together too :)
I would love to be on instagram, but I don't have a smart phone! :( We haven't made the switch, even though I keep begging the husband, ha! They're just too stinking expensive!
Tina Byland said…
Awww. Baby sisters turning 21. That happens to my sister next year. Weird, right? Happy St. Pattys Day! Sorry to hear you are having skin issues. Check back on my blog this week. There's a special giveaway coming... ;)

Be back later with my currently post. Must hit the gym first. :)
Oooh, I love Real Simple! That actually reminds me that I'm a few issues behind, as well, and need to catch up. It's one of my favorite magazines, and I always learn a fun tidbit when I read it. Happy reading!
Ashley Jane said…
Happy Birthday to your sister! I get to see some family in May too... it can't come soon enough. :)

I feel like I've struggled with my skin for a while now, and I finally broke down and used Proactiv. I keep hearing that stuff isn't great for your skin though, so I'm wondering if I stop using it if my skin is going to be crazy again. Yikes!

Sometimes I think the stress of moving to a new place makes my skin go crazy. Hopefully you can get in a few good workouts and get those endorphins pumping. Always seems to help. Have a good Sunday!
Maya McDonald said…
Yep. I for real need to start on those thank you cards on my "to do list" (which also includes drinking more water)! Thanks for the reminder lady!

Jeannette WithTwoNs said…
Love your blog! Just did your link-up today! My skin's been breaking out on my chin - I found out it has to do with hormones - evidently where your break outs are means something (if that helps). I also feel the same way about instagram - I go back and forth with loving it and ignoring it!
Glad to start following you!
Katie Ann said…
Love Little Women!! I've read and re-read that book so many times!!! Uff...and I wish I could convince myself to work out every single day...that would be fantastic!! Here's to hoping though right?!
Rachel said…
Happy birthday to your sister! I love your listening one, I need to do more of that!
siddathornton said…
i need to do more of it too :)
siddathornton said…
this is my first time ever reading it - i'm glad that i'm finally sitting down to do it! i'm a little over half way done & i'm liking it.
siddathornton said…
yay! so happy to have you linking up :)

and i've heard that, too, about the location of your break-outs correlating to a problem. i'm going to have to look into that.
siddathornton said…
i even bought cards in the store today - no excuses! i HAVE to get my thank yous in the outbox TODAY. we can do this!
siddathornton said…
i agree - i'm so ready for may! i love that we'll both be spending some family time, then. it's gonna be great.

i used proactiv for a while, & i liked it, but i just don't want to have to keep on buying it. i still have the toner left, so i may start incorporating that into my skincare routine again. other than that, i just started on an antibiotic to get mine cleared up - it was seriously out of control.
siddathornton said…
i love it, too - it's my all-time favorite magazine. it's just so unique, offering up truly original content, & i admire that.
siddathornton said…
oh man, i can't believe my little sister turned 21... it feels like i just did, you know?!

i'll definitely be checking out your giveaway - can't wait to see what it is!

hope you had a great weekend :)
siddathornton said…
oooh, i go allllll the time - i need to stay out of there!

sometimes i resent my phone - i spend wayyyy too much time on it. i'm trying to limit myself, but it's hard.
Anonymous said…
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siddathornton said…
we love it here! there is always something to do, & it's beautiful! :)

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