the sunday currently, volume 25.

Do you ever have those blogging weeks where you feel like you haven't really accomplished your goals? Well, that was me this week. First off, I make it a priority to comment on each of your posts every week when you link up, & obviously, that didn't happen this week. I'd blame it on my travels, but that's not a good excuse. Secondly, after this post, I had full intentions of infusing more of me into this space, but I reverted back to what I'll refer to here as lazy blogging. Basically, I fell back on posting photos & not really, truly writing much of anything. And that makes me sad. So, let's let this volume of The Sunday Currently serve as a ceremonial turning over of a new leaf for the week. Here's to writing!  

reading on a schedule to finish Little Women by the end of March.
writing an enormous career list. I'm keeping it hush-hush for now, but I can't wait to share more in the next couple of months.
listening to & watching episodes upon episodes of Saved By The Bell. Thank you, Netflix, you are truly lovely.
thinking that sometimes indulging in your favorite foods is not the answer to having a bad day. Even if it is fun while it's happening.
smelling the soothing fragrances emitted from our new Scentsy warmers. A sweet family member sent them over to us as a surprise this week, & I'm thrilled. I burn candles like crazy over here, so it's good to now have a bit of a safer option. And I don't have to worry about burning our apartment down.
wishing I could eat Orange Leaf every single day without caloric consequences.
hoping I never decide to cut my own bangs again. Oops. 
wearing my 7th grade signature scent, Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers, as an ode to the beginning of Spring. I absolutely love this perfume. I'll never forget - one of my guy friends stopped me in the hallway in high school to tell me I smelled good. That's just the kind of compliment you don't quickly forget.
loving TeuxDeux. I haven't downloaded the app yet, but I love using it in my Internet browser so far, as a trial to see how much I'd actually use it. So far, so good. Also loving? My Maybooks planner. And the notebook in which I've been free-writing. Basically, I've been loving planning & documentation. 
wanting a job & a shopping spree.
needing a pet. I miss my animals back home so badly. I have resorted to showing Justin every single cute animal photo that pops up in my Instagram feed. And, you know, that's a lot.
feeling so excited for family to come visit this week. We've had quite a steady stream of visitors since I've been up here, & that makes me happy.
clicking afternoons & coffeespoons' entire blog. Her photography is simple & beautiful.

photo: pinehurst's pink camellias \ instagram


Amy Lynn said…
I hear you on the bangs! It's been several years since I've cut them myself, and I had to come to terms with the fact that I'm never going to get better at it! :) Good thing I have a friend who does hair, she does them for me.

Also, hope you can get your pet soon! I had to beg and beg for my dog before I got him. He's a pain in the rear, but I like him :) They are just so entertaining!
Rachel said…
Ooh I love Scentsy! What is your favorite sent of theirs? Have a wonderful time with your family this week! There is nothing like time spent with the ones you love! I can't wait to read about your career plans, how exciting!
my friend got me a Maybooks wedding planner and I LOVE it! I didn't realize it was such a cool thing to have :)

p.s. really happy to be linking up today!
Brittany said…
I love my Maybooks weekly planner! It is perfect. I think I am going to go watch Saved by the Bell now. Thanks for reminding me of this lovely show!
Jess said…
Mmmm I had never heard of orange leaf before now!! I think it's probably better if I don`t try it ;)

Some Snapshots Blog
Ooh, I had never heard of Scentsy before! I also burn a lot of candles, but these warmers sounds interesting. Which fragrances do you have?
Tina Byland said…
You need a pet. A kitten. Because puppys make it hard to travel. What would we do without our planners? I love my planner, too. Happy Sunday!
Jac Shull said…
I had one of those blogging weeks last week too. I've just come to realize that sometimes it happens. Here's to hoping for a better week for us both!
April said…
I don't know what I would do without my doggy baby now that I live alone. Thinking of you while you're missing your babies!
Ashley Jane said…
I wish I could eat Orange Leaf fro-yo every day too.... without the caloric consequences too of course. :)

Don't even get me started on how much I love Scentsy. I just recently purchased the owl warmer... and I love so many of their scents. Did you get some good ones? I buy a few bars every 4 months or so. They smell so good, and the holiday scents are always nice to have too!
Maya McDonald said…
New carrer list? I'm excited to hear what's in the works for you! Love your cute little list as always!

siddathornton said…
daily orange leaf probably wouldn't be such a bad thing, if i didn't pile on all the worst possible toppings! i'm a sucker for the hot fudge & reese's peanut butter syrups - i just can't say no!

i had a tiny scentsy wall-plug-in back in the day, but our family member sent us over a couple of the big warmers she was no longer using - they are so lovely! she sent us over a lot of my favorite scents - sugar cookie, toasted caramel sugar, & central park pralines are currently topping the list! i am excited to try some of the fruity ones for spring time, though.
siddathornton said…
thank you, ma'am. it's so hard being away from pets! hopefully soon my husband will concede & let me get either a puppy or a kitten! :)
siddathornton said…
i agree - it just happens sometimes, & it's best to just let it go when it does. i also find that the week following a 'bad blogging week' always feels extra good. so, that's what i'm banking on this week! :)
siddathornton said…
you couldn't be more right. i think a kitten would be a better alternative, too, because, as you said, they are so low-maintenence. my only hold-up is that some of my friends are allergic to cats, so i don't know what we would do if they ever came to stay with us for a visit.
siddathornton said…
the warmers are so convenient! i can leave them on a long time without having to worry about setting off smoke detectors [which has happened THREE times in this apartment, due to candle-burning. i think they're extra sensitive here, which i suppose is a good thing.] my favorite scents are the super-sugary sweet ones [sugar cookie, toasted carmel sugar, & central park pralines]. i've also tried one that i believe was called 'fresh laundry,' or something like that, which i really loved.
siddathornton said…
i wish i had never tried orange leaf - it is SUCH an indulgence.
siddathornton said…
haha, you're welcome! :) justin & i watch it every night!
siddathornton said…
i'm happy you linked up today, too! always makes me smile when you do :)

i'm so glad maybooks has come into our lives - it just makes the prospect of planning even prettier!
siddathornton said…
thank you! :)

my favorite scentsy scents are the really sweet ones - right now, i have both sugar cookie & toasted caramel sugar in the warmers. i'm going to try some of the fruity ones soon, though.
siddathornton said…
you're so lucky to have a friend who does hair! i wish i did ;) sometimes i just can't shake the temptation of cutting my bangs - i don't know what it is, but i need to stop!

hopefully soon my husband will give up the battle & let me get a puppy or a kitty ;)
Rachel said…
Those sound yummy! I'm loving the sweet pea and vanilla, I think it's my anticipation for spring:)
Amy Lynn said…
Yes, hopefully he will! And honestly, as much as I love my doggy, he is a pain in the rear sometimes! Go with the kitten, they're much lower maintenance :)

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