happy november!

hello there, eleventh month of two thousand twelve! hello there, second to last month of the year!

here are a few things:

- i have red hair now. well, highlighted red. that i actually did myself. and now my sister & i are legitimately twins.

- i am moving to wilmington tomorrow. or at least, beginning the move.

- i have not been drinking enough water.

- i get to see justin on sunday.

that's all for now. i can't wait to get moved into my new place & start sharing my experiences. and get into a blogging rhythm. and find a new job. yes, there is a lot to come.

photo: unapologetic selfie \ instagram


if my selifes came out that awesome, i'd take them more often. love the red hair!!
You are absolutely stunning!
Loving the red hair! Here's to new changes and a fabulous November!

Angela Celio said…
Ah! I can just thought to myself how I don't think I've had water in like 3 days! I think I'll go grab a glass now.

Ellie said…
beautiful hair! You look great as a red head, I could never pull it off!

x Ellie @ Ellalogy 
Love the hair color! And you will love Wilmington. It is one of the cities we hope to retire in one day.

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