first evening in wilmington.

when i arrived in wilmington around noon yesterday, justin & i went for some lunch.
then, it was off to kilwin's for some sweet treats - salted caramel ice cream + a root beer float.
see above for the beautiful view coming out of the ice cream shop.
the rest of the day was spent relaxing - we watched a bronx tale + the hangover.
for dinner, we had henry's, & i think i've found my favorite ahi tuna salad ever.


today, i have explored the apartment complex gym [love].
i had my first ever port city java iced chai.
i've hauled & unpacked a lot of boxes.

and now it's off to the grocery store to get ingredients for dinner tonight.

tomorrow i hope to rise early so i can catch up on all of my favorite blogs.
and then, it's a lot more of what i did today.

i love being here.
and i can't wait to really get settled in.

photo: downtown wilmington \ instagram


Jordan Skiles said…
Everything sounds so delightful - especially the salted caramel ice cream!!

Enjoy exploring!!

Ashley said…
Yay, you made it! I love Kilwin's... we have a ton of them in Michigan where I grew up, and you've got me craving a root beer float now. (:
LaynahRose said…
Your days sound a lot like mine. Hopefully you're not as bog of a slacker at unpacking as I am because its taking me foreverr to settle in ha
Oh yay! Congrats on the move! It's always a little trying to move, but it sounds like things are already looking good. Can't wait to hear about your new adventures.

Nicole said…
YAY! We are in the same state! And only about 40 minutes away from each other! That salted caramel ice cream sounds TO DIE FOR!!
Mree said…
Glad you made it safely to Wilmington. Salted Caramel ice cream sounds amazing!!
How exciting!!! I was gone for so long on my trip that I missed so much. I am going to go through your past posts now :)
Jenna said…
WHAT a stunning photo! It sounds like Wilmington is already treating you well! :) Good luck getting all settled in!
Tina Byland said…
awwww, yay! Cheers to new beginnings!

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