the sunday currently, volume 9.

well, to say this week was not a good one for writing & blogging for me, would be an understatement. i really hate when i have weeks [or months] like that - where i feel almost no inspiration whatsoever - but i'd be lying if i said it never happens. usually, i try to at least put something out there, even when i'm not feeling it. but this time, i decided i'd rather put up nothing at all, rather than, well, half-assing it. i'm already feeling better about the coming week, already writing things down, scribbling away on ink & paper. and i'm happy about that.

what do you do when you experience writers' block? bloggers' block? 

please share your tips on getting re-inspired.

reading [you're not going to believe this, but...] still the happiness project
writing a business plan. yes, you heard right. more on this in the coming weeks.
listening to sporadic rain & cars zooming down the road. i hope it rains all day.
thinking that i am so grateful that diane taught me to knit a couple of years ago. i've made a scarf this year that i'm absolutely obsessed with. it's cream & thick & so soft. i wear it absolutely all the time. it'll definitely show up in my november favorites post.
smelling freshly brewed pumpkin spice coffee. it's over in the kitchen, & i'm in the living room on the couch, typing away at this post. when i finish this sentence, i'm getting up to get it.
wishing i could find a little bit more motivation from day to day. i would like to find a job soon. not having one is harder than i ever thought. it's not just endless free time.
hoping all of my big plans have a way of panning out. i'm actually excited about them.
wearing my favorite black stretchy pants [that need to be replaced - they are really long & the bottoms have begun to rip], along with a black shirt. oh, & the hairstyle i was sporting yesterday. it was one of those fall-into-bed-already-asleep nights last night. which means i didn't remove my makeup & my face feels gross right now.
loving how my new blog design is coming together, & the fact that i'm doing it myself. i've decided the new design will go live at the beginning of the new year. i'm glad i'm giving myself time to perfect it before putting it out there [i'm usually an impulsive person - i've almost instituted the new design already, even though i haven't gotten it exactly the way i want it].
wanting to get the house completely clean today, including all the laundry washed. if you know me, this is a big feat. laundry is my least favorite chore, of all.
needing to drink about twenty gallons of water today. i feel so dehydrated... just from not drinking enough water. also: needing to go to the grocery store today. and clean the house. also, needing to loosen up.
feeling a full-body soreness. i guess the combination of working out & not sleeping well at all takes a toll on your body after a while.
clicking the sunday secrets. and the purl bee for inspiration for some more knitting pieces. i've also been doing a lot on pinterest lately.

photo: yesterday's happy soup \ iphone

what are you doing?


Ashley said…
I haven't been feeling blog inspiration lately either... I'm pretty sure I half-assed it a couple of days this past week. haha

I must learn to knit. It's something I've been wanting to learn... and your talk of that cozy sounding cream scarf has me wanting to learn even more. (:

Here's to a productive week.
Tina Byland said…
girl... this was a terrible week for blogging. I hear ya. I only posted because I had stuff pre-ready. Laundry is my absolute least favorite chore! It takes FOREVER! I like to do things that are done when you've completed them. Laundry is never done. It's a hamster wheel. Don't get me started. Haha!
Diane said…
So glad my wisdom took hold! Unfortunately, I don't think I have knitted anything since that lesson. Come visit, I miss you!
Ellie said…
Ooh the business plan sounds so exciting! Can't wait to hear more... I've always dreamed about starting something of my own too, but I've never had the guts or time to take action! And laundry is definitely my least favorite chore too... so tedious...
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