a fragrance-frenzied wish list.


to me, there is nothing like un-boxing a brand new perfume you've been gifted for christmas & immediately spraying it on your wrists, neck, & the scarf you're probably wearing. it's like an instant memory being made: from that point forward, every time you wear that scent, you're reminded of the christmas scene that was dancing before your eyes when you got your first big whiff of it. 

that's why i believe a fragrance is one of the best christmas gifts to give.

in the spirit of the christmas season now officially being in full swing, i decided to put together a little wish list of fragrances i'm craving. i tend to go for warm, sweet, musky, woodsy scents, & most of those pictured here fall somewhat in those categories. the only one shown here that i have not yet had the pleasure of dousing myself with, is the tocca selection. i once smelled it in an anthropologie two years ago, & i have never forgotten it. i tend to believe that means i'm meant to have it in my collection one day.

which scents are you craving for christmas?


Ellie said…
I'd love to have Flowerbomb too! And I've heard great things about Tocca fragrances. Hope you're having a good Black Friday!
Yes! I love Flowerbomb - always picks me up, especially on colder days!

Tina Byland said…
Philosophy... I love all of their stuff!
But the only fragrance I have ever received as a gift (and love) is Thierry Mugler Angel. LOVE IT!
Anonymous said…
I ADORE the Flowerbomb perfume! It smells exactly like my aunt's wedding like ten years ago and I love how nostalgic and flowery the smell is. It's so sweet!

That's definitely on my wishlist as well. I've tried the Flowerbomb perfume a few times because my friend owns it but I'd love one for myself! (:

Love, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
Twitter: @fashpilgrim
Instagram: @fashionpilgrim
Anonymous said…
By the way, I'm loving your blog! I have followed you now, can't wait for updates! (:

Love, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
Twitter: @fashpilgrim
Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

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