what's in my makeup bag + video.

as i discussed in this week's volume of the sunday currently, last week i was experiencing some major bloggers' block. for that reason, one afternoon, i plopped down in front of my laptop & was struck with the sudden inspiration to revive my beauty-video-making. 

for those of you who don't know, i am a huge proponent of the youtube beauty community. i watch beauty videos during my workouts, in the evenings, in the mornings while getting ready... long story short, i watch them a lot. 

and since i put out a monthly love list, i had started incorporating a video into my posts. however, when i went back home to shreveport to finish planning my wedding, i had to leave my macbook with justin in north carolina, causing the videos to take a seat on the back-burner. but now... they're back!

into watching vlogs?

check out my corresponding what's in my makeup bag video here or just click below to watch.


Suzanne S. said…
These kind of videos are so much fun to watch!

Raquel said…
I looove watching beauty videos on youtube! I pretty much watch them everyday.
Allyssa said…
I used to watch beauty videos all the time, but lately I haven't had as much time to watch them. I do make time to watch Emily's videos though because she is amazing! By far my favorite beauty YouTuber!
Ellie said…
It's so much fun to watch you on camera after reading your blog! It's like matching a voice to the words :) And I love your accent! I need to try mineralized skin finish.

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