friday's fancies #48: black friday, no shopping allowed.

i'm going to level with you here: i pretty much detest black friday shopping. and i've only done it once. 

it's something about the hoards of people going after the same items, the race to get it, the long lines you have to stand in at the check out... not being able to turn a corner without bumping into someone. to me, that just doesn't sound like a good time. 

here's where it gets interesting: that one time i went black friday shopping i mentioned above? it wasn't all that bad. [i'm starting to think i just hate the idea of this shopping phenomenon]. in fact, i got a nice polo button-down for a fraction of its original cost. but i did have to stand in line. for the dressing room. and to check out. 

here's where it gets even more interesting: justin & i may brave the crowds this year for some black friday shopping. at an outlet mall. i mean, seriously, what are we thinking? i'm choosing to believe that it'll be an experience & that we'll come out of it with stories to laugh at later. you know, like the lady who snatched a belt out of the hands of an innocent co-shopper. or the people who played bumper buggies to duel over the play doh set. we'll see. 

friday's fancies #48: black friday, no shopping allowed.

[the watch is a bargain - perfect for people who like to stack a lot of things on their arms].

if we knew what was good for us, we'd probably just call it quits, stay at home & online shop all day, i'd get dressed up in this badass outfit, then we would go to a party at our friends' house. of course, this is all hypothetical, as i do not own said outfit [and probably will never own those shoes, let's be honest], & we have just moved to a new city & have no parties on the books to speak of. [although i'm pretty sure we have a work christmas party coming up, which i am very dorkily excited about!] so for now, i'll settle for the workout pants & tennis shoes i'll more than likely be sporting today, because that just means it's time to shop for a beautiful, sparkly, magical christmas party dress! [dork status confirmed].

psst: be on the lookout later today for a fragrance-frenzied wish list. can you guess what it will feature?

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Suzanne S. said…
Love the color combination!! I want that polka dot sweater :)

Betsy said…
we're going, too, today - I've never had a problem at the Black Friday sales! think the trick is to go at 10 or 11, when all the crazies have already left... haha :)
Jamie said…
I love this outfit! I have considered buying that sequined top many times, so cute!

i realize i am way behind on this, but this outfit is amazing.

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