the sunday currently, volume 10.

the start of the christmas season is always such an exciting time! 
justin & i are planning to get our first christmas tree together soon.

today, though, we are grabbing starbucks & heading to the beach!

reading... or should i say, re-reading, twilight. i know, crazy right? the truth is, i genuinely enjoyed the books when i read them back in 2008. the movies majorly turned me off to the whole story [which made me sad]. but now, i am wanting to re-visit the books & see how i feel about them this time around. i have also decided on my next nook book, & i started it last night: les liasons dangereuses, by choderlos de laclos. yes, the book that provides the basis for the movie cruel intentions. i love that movie, & according to the reviews i read last night, the book is even better [big surprise]. i'm excited. 
writing, writing, writing. in ink & paper journals, in planners, via blogger, & on notepads. as far as i'm concerned, there is little better than brand new gel pens & fresh, crisp, never-been-written-on paper.
listening to the playlist i made this week, songs from wilmington, & brainstorming which christmas songs i'll add to it.
thinking about the purpose of this blog. 
smelling nothing. because sometimes my nose doesn't work. seriously. but on friday, justin & i bought the most delicious-smelling candles from bath & body works. yesterday, we burned mahogany teakwood for a while. yum. we both love it.
wishing for a beautiful first married christmas for justin & me.
hoping to find a job soon.
wearing cute & cozy pajamas, as well as a massive, soft blanket. 
loving everything. it's been a great few days in the christy household. lots of exciting things coming up!
wanting to hurry over to starbucks. i'm craving a gingerbread latte.
needing to see our family & friends. the two of us have been missing those crazy fools. ;)
feeling like i need to work out. doesn't this go without saying, considering the holiday we've just experienced? lots of food + no exercise = feeling gross. obviously.
clicking the sunday secrets. this one is my favorite this week.

now, go enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving weekend, folks. savor every last second. we will be.


That was my favorite secret this week too! Thanks for hosting these :) xoxo, eliza
Anonymous said…
I love post secrets!!
Ellie said…
You're so lucky that you get to go to the beach in almost December! Hope you enjoyed Starbucks :)
Betsy said…
girl. Les Liaisons is SUCH a juicy book - if you ever get the chance to see the play, DO IT! also watch the 1988 movie with Glen Close and John Malkovitch and Michelle Pfeiffer - it's even better than Cruel Intentions, if that's possible :)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who rereads Twilight sometimes :) It's actually been quite a while since the last time I read them though, and I may need to do it again (thanks for reminding me...).

I hope you have a fabulous week my dear, and good luck with the job search! Also, I feel the need to tell you how much I adore you and your blog. For realsies ;) xoxoxo
Ashley said…
You're making me want to get some pretty pens and starting writing things on paper... even if it is just a pretty to-do list. (:

I thought about re-reading the Twilight series a couple of days ago. I was eyeing my books and gave it serious thought. Let me know how you feel about re-reading them.

Your first married Christmas.... that's something to get excited about. (:
Tina Byland said…
I forgot about Cruel Intentions! Wow! What a great movie! As for Twilight... ehh...... I don't judge. ;)

Hope you can smell soon. I am on antibiotics and I forgot how good smelling is! I just wish I'd been able to smell Thanksgiving cooking!

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