friday's fancies #46 + the road to wilmington.

friday's fancies #45: sweater season.

sweater | necklace | palette | clutch | skinnies | boots | glasses | ring

well, ladies & gents... today marks day one of the road to wilmington. this morning i'm attending a talk put on by my mom, then i'm having lunch with my friend jessica at our old favorite haunt - moe's - & then it's just me, my crammed-full car, & the open road for three & a half hours to jackson, mississippi. the first leg of my road trip will allow me some quality time with my sister [and kelsey!]. not only that, but on sunday, justin & i will finally be under the same roof again!

and, you know, if i had it my way, this absolutely precious getup is exactly what i'd be wearing for my formidable weekend trek. it was seriously love at first sight between me & the frenchie sweater, which is the piece i built this entire look around. and i know, i know... the bubble necklaces might be a little bit tired, but the truth of the matter is, i still really like them. and i think it's really fun that the pants coordinate [something i wouldn't normally do]. don't ask me how i did it, but somehow the clutch & the glasses ended up both being marni. i like the glasses because they remind me of harry potter, & well, the ring is just plain gaudy & fabulous [perfect for a friday roadtrip, non?]. i've clearly saved the best for last: those boots. i have been pining after just such a pair for what feels like ages. maybe i'll be lucky enough to add them to my collection this season. and, the guerlain eye & lip calligraphy palette? i don't even have words. 

happy weekend! here's to safe travels & happy reunions!

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meghan said…
I love the Frenchie sweater!! So cute. And whether bubble necklaces are tired or not, I still love mine and think we should still be able to wear them if we want to!
Love the color of those jeans and the bauble necklace...and that sweater is adorable! Happy Friday!
Jordan Skiles said…
Such a fun sweater!! I also really love the boots!!

xo, Jordan
Rachel Felson said…
omg that sweater is just presh!! and I am so digging the green jeans!
As a die hard lover of smooshed face anything... I am OBSESSED with this sweater! Love the whole look you put together - yellow+teal is o pretty!

Safe travels
P.S. so happy I found your site on Friday's Fancies!
angie said…
Amazing jumper! I'd love that in my wardrobe, so cute!
Nicole said…
I love this look and totally agree about the bag & glasses. Everything works so nicely together. And the green pants?! A perfect closet addition because they'll take you right through this season and onward to others. Great outfit!
briannelee said…
Love that doggy sweater. Too cute!
Cute outfit!! I've been looking for a bulldog sweater (to wear to uga games haha) but haven't found the perfect one yet. Good luck with the move!
Mree said…
That sweater is adorable!! I still love the bubble necklace. Safe travels to Wilmington. Have a great weekend!!
Lindsay said…
I love the bit of edge the boots add! So cute! Have a safe trip!
Jayme and Mendi said…
That sweater is the cutest! Have a wonderful trip!! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings
Nikell said…
What a cute sweater!! I love the necklace too. Safe travels (^_^)
Amanda said…
That sweater is absolutely adorable and I think I need to find those boots for myself!
I love the look you put together, especially the pop of yellow in the bag & ring. I hope you have a great time on your trip. My little sister loves Wilmington. I have never been but she is always begging me to go there.

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