the sunday currently, advance edition. [volume 7].

today's the sunday currently is coming to you in the form of an advance edition, which actually cleared the presses on thursday night. the reason for this? as this post goes live, i am on the last leg of the road to wilmington. as i drive through georgia, south carolina, & finally north carolina, i am wishing you a happy, relaxing sunday. and hopefully by the time you are getting your post ready to link up, i'll be pulling into my parking spot, getting out of the car, & stepping inside my new home. i can't wait to share more details soon, both about my new residence, as well as about our wedding & honeymoon.
reading the happiness project... still. and i'm finishing it this week. end of story.
writing apartment-decorating plans in my head.
listening to music, if i'm still on the road.
thinking about all i need to get done in the coming week. changing my last name, grocery shopping, apartment decorating... job hunting, too.
smelling new apartment smell.
wishing shiny new wilmington wishes!
hoping shreveport doesn't forget about me. i don't think it will.
wearing road trip garb. something comfortable!
loving being in wilmington again!
wanting a relaxing sunday in our new home.
needing to drink a whole lot of water this week.
feeling grateful for all the help my parents gave me as i prepared for my move [see picture above - thanks dad!].
clicking absolutely nothing at all. today has been declared a no-internet-day, since justin & i are finally living in the same city again! maybe today will be spent with starbucks on the beach?

photo: dad packing my car \ snapster

what are you doing?


Ashley said…
Drive safely! It sounds like you've got lots of exciting things going on all at once. (:
Tina Byland said…
Good luck with the move and everything! Hope things settle down for you once you are in one place! I can't wait to hear about the wedding, the honeymoon and the new digs! Yay!
Ellie said…
Good luck moving! So exciting, especially once the hectic part settles down! And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who writes posts in advance :)

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