thank you.

justin, thank you for the encouragement to dream big. 
for endless hours of brainstorming on what i should do with my life. 
for pushing me to pursue bigger & better things. 
for being hilarious.

family, thank you for our wedding. 
for giving me a job. 
for unconditional love, which is the best kind.

friends, thank you for phone calls. 
for heytell conversations. 
for random & meaningful photo text messages. 
for standing in my wedding. 
for loving me.

bloggers, thank you for words of wisdom. 
for inspiration. 
for tiny peeks into your life. 
for comfort, commiseration, hope. 
for friendship.


this year, justin & i will be celebrating a quaint thanksgiving in our home, alone. we are cooking up a big feast, which is sure to feed us for days after the main event. and considering this is the first time for either of us to cook on this scale, i'm sure there will be a story or two to come out of this adventure...

see last year's thank you notes here.


Betsy said…
haha good luck and enjoy, you lovely people!

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