the road to wilmington, day two: for the love of dracula.

greetings from the road between mississippi & georgia!

just kidding... i totally wrote this post on thursday night.

i know it's way past halloween at this point, but i had to share the most
halloween-y thing i did this year, & that was dressing up for our dracula book club meeting.

if you happened to read my rave review of bram stoker's dracula, you'll know how psyched i was for this particular book club meeting. and as per usual, lindsey had her house decked out to the nines... with a bad-a outfit to match. i sure do hope that i can find some girls to start a book club with in wilmington!

since i first read dracula in june of this year, i thought about re-reading it before our meeting, but as i'm currently getting through the happiness project, by gretchen rubin, i decided now wasn't the time. but the discussion definitely reminded me that i will want to re-visit this captivating classic.

photos: dracula book club \ vsco cam


Michelle said…
i'm loving the decorations - the light looks awesome!
Dracula Book Club?!?! I am in love with this concept. You can't go wrong with a classic.... or a book club! Love the decorations and very impressed with the costumes. Kudos, girl!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon
Ellie said…
I've never read Dracula but I've always meant to! Beautiful photos, looks like a good time :)

x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

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