a little piece of elliott smith.

justin & i were watching the texas a&m/alabama game while i was making this graphic. justin said, 'doesn't blue mean sad? why would you want to paint tomorrow sad?' it's funny, because i've always thought of 'paint tomorrow blue' as signifying hope, or beauty. kind of like painting a fresh canvas for the next day. but i can't ignore justin's question, because it makes sense. elliott smith is one of my all-time favorite artists, & he had a very tumultuous life. maybe he was painting tomorrow sad. are you an elliott fan? what do you think he meant?

photo: cross lake in shreveport, louisiana \ iphone
quote: from in the lost & found [honky bach] \ elliott smith


Betsy said…
not an elliott fan byt my best friend in high school was and I remember how devastated she was when he died. so to me blue means sad... but I didn't really know him!
I'm not too familiar with elliot, but I do think you took a wonderful photo with your phone! lol

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Ashley said…
I'm not familiar with Elliott Smith, but I don't think blue has to imply sadness. To me blue is a very calming and serene color. I don't instantly think of sadness when I see blue, but maybe that's just me. (:
I love Elliot Smith - my boyfriend always assumes I'm depressed when listening to him though, oops! I love that song though, it's so beautiful.


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