on home as a sanctuary.

thinking of home as a place of sanctuary, as a haven, isn't exactly a new idea, is it? 

still, i feel driven by that idea. i light candles. i try to keep things clean [as clean as a procrastinator can]. i arrange objects on our tables, knick-knacks from our lives that remind us of happy times, of memories. 

i put our tea kettle out on the stove top, even though i still haven't used it yet. i turn on specific lights when the sun starts to go down - the type of lights that make the room glow, rather than harsh lights beaming down from the ceiling. 

and though i do these things, i know we still have a ways to go before i walk through our front door & feel completely at ease. but, i think that this transition period is one i'll look back fondly on. the time we were building our home, making it really ours. filling it with our favorite things, alongside the things that are just requirements of our daily lives.

and don't even get me started on what it'll be like when we get our first married christmas tree. this week, we've observed tinsel-covered trees from outside our neighbors' windows. that glow they emit, that warmth they promise... it's heady, it's intoxicating. and, well, christmas tree smell... need i say more?

soon i hope to share images of our tree. in our house. our living room.

and then i'll walk through the front door & feel that feeling, smell that smell. and i know it'll be like walking into a safe haven, a promise of reassurance & comfort.

photo: mahogany teakwood \ instagram


Betsy said…
oooh I love this. I love how you approach this time! really is magical.
Ashley said…
I know what you mean about transition periods and the place where you live not quite feeling like "home" yet. I do know that a Christmas tree helps though... we're both happy seeing the glow of the lights each evening. There is something that just takes you back to the comfort of childhood each time you look at that tree. (:
I love this post! I guess our brains think alike, because this has been on my mind a lot lately...especially since we moved! How are you guys settling in? Was it his place before you moved in or is it a new place together? xo, eliza

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