music & mornings.

[Editor's Note: the following post was scribbled in a statistics notebook in between learning about p values & matched pairs.]

This morning, I would have classified myself as particularly slow-moving. Then, I slowly sipped coffees (eventually totaling to four cups) & slowly came to life.

I took Tahoe outside, & on the way down the sidewalk, I listened to Ours, by Taylor Swift. 

Halfway down the sidewalk, I changed the song over to Peaches, by In The Valley Below, & I remembered a couple of semesters ago & realized how far I have come, but I also felt a weird sort of kinship with myself that comforted me greatly. 

Almost back to the house & time for a new song. I chose Get It by Matt & Kim, because it always pumps me up. And after walking in the misty, soul-sucking rain, I just needed to be pumped up. 

Into the kitchen, making the second pot of coffee, & I chose San Francisco, by the Mowgli's. A song that never fails to make me feel warm & remind me that the world is inherently good, all in one swoop. 

i've been in love with love
and the idea of something
binding us together
you know that love is strong enough

And then, I was dancing in the kitchen while putting away the water pitcher. Thinking of the day ahead, filled with a friend's birthday, & lunch together, & presents, & the holiday season.

The world is inherently good.


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