the sunday currently, volume 119.

o christmas tree

reading - Sarah Morgan: The Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman. I haven't been reading it lately, with the hectic end to the semester, but I am starting it back up today. I'm so excited to be reading for pleasure again.
writing - a lot of pre-travel to-do lists in my planner. Excited to visit my hometown next week. Also writing? In my ink & paper journal  almost daily this past week. Couldn't be happier about that, and couldn't be more excited for the traveler's notebook that I'm getting for Christmas, which I will share more about next week.
listening - to another episode of The Sopranos, my new television obsession.
thinking - that coffee that I brew at home is the best coffee.
smelling - our Christmas tree every time I come down the stairs. It is the most perfect, most festive thing ever.
wishing - for safe travels & a wonderful visit home next week.
hoping - for the same. 
wearing - my ECU OT sweatshirt almost constantly. It's so cozy, but it already has a stain on it. I'm going to have to wash it!
loving - days off spent at home. 
wanting - a big mug of hot coffee.
needing - the same. 
feeling - content and happy.
clicking - nothing at the moment. Any suggestions?

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