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morning fog from earlier this week

Good morning & happy Sunday! Hopefully by the time you are reading this blog post, I will have already gotten out of bed, gone on a run, and eaten breakfast. Later today, I am off to Chapel Hill, and there is much to do before then! 

On this travel day Sunday, I am currently...

reading lots of emails. For the longest time, I didn't think I was getting any comments through the write me gadget you see on the right hand side of this blog. I was wrong, though. They were coming in through the "social" tab on my gmail, which I never really think to check. Thank you all for your messages about The Sunday Currently! I am sorry it took me a while to respond to your questions and comments, but I am so happy that you took the time to write. Please, never hesitate to contact me.
writing assignments and other such documents. I really miss journaling, but unfortunately I haven't made much time to do that recently. Maybe in the coming weeks I will shift my focus back to it. I am happy, though, that I've been making time to write on this blog. The renewal of this space has brought me such comfort and joy, and I'm so excited to continue blogging through the holiday season, one of my favorite times to share.
listening to alt nation. I switch back and forth between what my "main" radio station is at any given moment, but lately this one has taken the cake. I'm really enjoying the stuff they've been playing lately. 
thinking that it's so important to keep stress in check. I got really stressed out last week, and I don't like that. I need to keep perspective and just keep pushing through my tasks. Everything is going to turn out fine - I just have to keep a positive attitude and remember to take time out to breathe and reflect.
smelling the wonderful new brown sugar candle I got while fall decoration shopping this past Thursday. I popped into Dollar Tree right around the corner from school during a break, and got in a quick, fun, 12-dollar shopping spree. I believe in retail therapy.
wishing that I would have gotten up early enough to go running yesterday. I guess I needed to sleep in. I'm excited, though, that we went to AT&T yesterday, because we ordered our new phones! I dropped and cracked the screen of my phone back in June, and I decided to wait for our upgrade to replace it. I'm so excited that our brand new phones are on their way to us and that we will have them soon!
hoping for a week filled with learning! I'll share more later, but I am excited. Also hoping that I get plenty of sleep this week. I haven't been going to bed very early lately, and I need to fix that. Sleep is so important to your overall health - much more than I ever realized. 
wearing khakis, polos, and tennis shoes all week. A uniform of sorts. 
loving that Justin and I had an early third anniversary dinner over at On The Square in historic downtown Tarboro Friday night. We had such a great time celebrating! I'll be sharing more about our anniversary date night later this week.
wanting to keep the productivity running high this week, and beyond. Lately, I've been watching a lot of How Jen Does It on Youtube. She is so inspiring! I've already learned a lot from her, and I plan to create some routines based on the tips that she has shared in her videos. If you're looking for inspiration on organization, routine, cooking, and home-making in general, I highly recommend her channel!
needing to take time to relax this week, even though I want to tackle all of my to-dos with energy, creativity, and passion. Much like sleep, being kind to ourselves is extremely important. Sometimes, I am too hard on myself. Carrying on in that fashion does nothing good for me or my productivity. I need to remember that now, and for the rest of this busy semester!
feeling content. I am so happy to be where I am in life right now, even though I have been getting stressed. I have so much to be thankful for: a supportive husband and family and friends, a comfortable home, being part of a program that is intellectually stimulating and part of a field that I believe is doing so much good in this world, and so much more. I am thankful.
clicking through all the videos on How Jen Does It's Youtube channel. Also, of course, Pretty Neat Living. They are my current favorites! Do you have any blog suggestions for me to check out? I have fallen off the map a bit with blog-reading, I'm sad to say. I do apologize that I haven't been commenting on all of your TSC links. I'm hoping to get into a better routine with that soon. 

Happy Sunday! Here's to a week full of learning and new, wonderful experiences. 

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