blogging every day in may.

I've been struggling with my blog lately: what direction to take it in, what to write about, how to write about the things I decide to write about, how often to write, how much to write... the list could go on & on. I really do think that anyone who blogs can relate to this sentiment every once in a while. No matter how much you adore blogging... no matter how much you wake up & wish for the keyboard... now matter how much you tote around your DSLR & capture moments from day-to-day life, you are more than likely going to struggle at some point with your voice, with your content, with practically anything & everything blogging related. 

A friend recently asked me, in regard to blogging, 

Do you ever run out of things to write about?

And no, not really. That's not really the problem at all. Because there is always life happening, there are always events happening... the world is always spinning, so there is always something I could write about. The problem I run into is asking myself if it's the right thing or the cool thing or the interesting thing to write about. 

In that same conversation, I shared with my friends my desire to get back to the root of blogging - back to the basics. And we all know what that really means: the writing. I told them about my old blogs, the ones where I'd write things like the following: Today I picked Laura up in my new car. We went to get ice cream, eat Mexican food, visit our friends, see a movie, & then we fell asleep watching Friends on the couch. And while I don't want to go back to being quite that basic, I do want to write more about my life, my feelings, & my experiences. It's so easy to just slap photos up on my blog. It's so easy to put together a Polyvore outfit or makeup board & share a wish list. And don't get me wrong, here: I love all of those things. And I'll continue to do all of those things. But the thing I'm missing in my blogging experience as of late is the simple act of really writing. Of infusing little bits of myself into the words I type onto this page. Of actually feeling when I re-read my posts. Of thinking, Oh yeah, that's how that moment felt

And it's time to get that back, folks. And I'm ready. 

So, you can imagine my excitement when I ran across Jenni's post this morning. I plan to blog every day in May, & I've already written all of her prompts into my Editorial Calendar Planner. Of course, you'll still be seeing photo posts on Wednesdays, Friday's Fancies posts on Fridays, & The Sunday Currently posts on Sundays. But I will be attempting to infuse her post ideas into each & every one of my entries for the month. And there will be something - anything - going up on this blog every single day in May. And I couldn't be more thrilled about it. 

Here's to getting back into the writing part of blogging. Here's to getting back to the basics. Here's to remembering why we all started doing this in the first place.

photo: this week's beautiful view from my parents' porch \ instagram


Ill have to check out those prompts. I definitely feel like I get in a rut sometimes too!
Allyssa said…
I love this! I might have to join you!
Sarah said…
I really like this idea! I look forward to reading all of your May posts. :) I may use some of those prompts, though I don't think I'll blog every day.
Kayleigh Taber said…
OMYGOSH! What a great idea!! And I love the prompts! I am probably going to do this...thanks for sharing! :)
Anonymous said…
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Nikki Mitchell said…
sounds like a good idea! Good luck :)
Amy Lynn said…
I'm so excited about this too! I think it's a great challenge :)

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