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Greetings from the road to Shreveport. Since I'll be driving all day today, I thought I'd leave you with a little post, divulging some facts about me that you may not know. Enjoy! And here's to safe travels & seeing loved ones soon!

After reading Tina's post a while back, I became inspired to share a few little tidbits about myself, that you may not know...

I like sleeping on couches.

I am horrible at reading maps.

I struggle a bit with defining my personal style. I have a big place in my heart for structured, classic clothing, but I also relish wearing an edgy piece or two. I guess my ultimate dream wardrobe identifier would be romantic preppy with an edge.

I struggle with anxiety. I plan to stay off of medication for as long as possible, but I'm fairly certain I'll find it necessary at some point in my life. At this point, I cope by journaling, praying, & meditating. 

I am an Alpha Chi Omega. I was initiated into the Beta Psi chapter at Louisiana Tech University in 2004.

I used to be a competitive gymnast, until an injury inspired me to quit & take part in a normal high school life. I started taking classes at age nine, after watching The Magnificent Seven win gold at the 1996 Olympics. When I quit at age 13, I was training to compete at Level 8. I dislocated my elbow while throwing a new skill - a one-and-a-half twist - on floor. I didn't have to have surgery, but I almost did. Months later, I quit my team, but competed at the high school level for two years, as team captain.

I have never traveled out of the country.

I met my husband as a freshman at his fraternity house. We bumped into each other coming around a corner, & I told him he looked like someone I knew. I have a picture of us from that night.

I later became sweetheart of that very fraternity. 

I love animals. Puppies & kittens make me extremely happy. I show Justin almost every photo of a cute animal that I come across. I call all dogs 'puppies,' regardless of their age.

I enjoy mixing metals as far as jewelry is concerned, the combining of black & navy, as well as the combining of black & brown. I guess this is one of the most rebellious aspects of my nature, because I am a rule-follower at heart.

I am a book nerd, coffee fiend, & perpetually curious about everything.

That's me, folks. I may do more of these every few weeks or so - I think it's interesting to find out little bits about everyone here in the blogging community. Sometimes I get caught up in the photos-&-outfit-boards routine here, & I like to try & infuse more of my personality when I can.


Jess said…
I call all dogs puppies too!! So nice that you have a photo of the two of you from the night you first met. I too struggle with the idea on medication for anxiety- perhaps that's my anxiety talking though ;)

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Julie Vong said…
I've always wanted to be a gymnast, but I was afraid of breaking I'm afraid of spraining my finger in softball, breaking my leg in basketball, twisting an ankle in soccer...sheesh! I guess that's why I don't play sports lol. It was great reading more about you! Drive safely!
Ashley Jane said…
Oh my goodness, that's amazing you were quite the gymnast. Too bad you injured your elbow... that sounds painful.

Like you, I'm typically a rule-follower at heart too... and it's funny, because I sometimes think that very trait brings on some unnecessary anxiety. I tend to struggle with defining my personal style too, but it's something I feel I'm always learning more about.

I pretty much call all dogs "puppies" regardless of age too. They're all so cute, it's hard not to. :)
Haha, I call all dogs "puppies," too! I think it's just a term of endearment. They're so cute!
Tina Byland said…
Anxiety... I have choice words for that. Had an attack last night, actually. But, like you, I try to stay off meds. I have a picture from the first night Alex and I met, too. I love that picture!

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