This weekend, my dear friend Jordan is driving from Dallas to visit me. I cannot wait to spend some time with her. Other items on the docket include wrapping up a story I'm writing for a local magazine, shopping with my mom, going to church, & just relaxing in general. My time in Shreveport so far has been extra sweet, & I'm really enjoying it.

Now, for a few little tidbits I've been perusing as of late, that I think you may just enjoy.

-- As you may have read here, I'm going to be blogging every day in May. Interested in the deets? Check out Jenni's post. She has come up with post prompts, & I think they will make for some very interesting reading around the blogosphere.

-- I really enjoyed Joelle's Get It Done post, & while I haven't checked out all the websites & apps she mentioned, I have plans to see what they're all about in the near future. I'm ever on the hunt for things to make me more productive, & her post was pure gold in that respect.

-- If you're ever in the Shreveport area, allow me to suggest you take a visit to Twine. Today was one of Justin's best friend's birthdays, & I took him over there for a little lunch date. The food was simple & yummy, & the atmosphere was cozy & delightful.

-- My mom recently introduced me to Essie's Angora Cardi nail polish, & I was finally able to paint a coat on my nails today. I absolutely LOVE the color. I feel like it would work in any season, & right now it's giving me a sophisticated, understated pop of purple for Spring. Plus, it seems to straddle membership in the muddy, grey-infused family, as well as the classic reds. Win-win.

-- New Beauty Guru Alert! This girl is by no means new on the scene, but she is new to me, & I'm really enjoying her videos. It appears that she has a lot of material on drug store beauty products, which I'm excited to watch this weekend.

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Here's to a relaxing, fun-filled weekend! My blogging rhythm will return to normal on Sunday, with a weekly installment of The Sunday Currently. Be sure to come link up & tell us all what you're up to.


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