why i watch youtube beauty videos.

I've mentioned here & there in this space, that I'm a bit of a YouTube-beauty-videos junkie. It's an obsession of mine, & I have legitimately worked the watching of said videos into my routine [usually while at the gym working out], since I've been trying to revolutionize my everyday routines over the past few months. 

But, why do I watch them, right?

Well, the honest truth about my introduction to the YouTube beauty scene has roots in snobbery, I'm afraid. Lindsey & I didn't exactly know what we were getting ourselves into when we clicked on a get ready with me video one day during lunch, but we had an inkling that we would find it funny. And we did.

I'm not going to lie - we really thought it was hilarious: over-exaggerated gesturing to showcase jewelry, holding products up in the camera frame as the girl talked about them... we found ourselves in fits of giggles with each video watched.

And that first day was definitely the beginning of something - a lunch-time routine for us, & an insatiable beauty product obsession for me. 

I'm not really sure when viewing the videos crossed over into sincerity for me, but it was probably when I started to feel a change in myself - a yearning to be better, to do better, & to look better. It was about so much more than makeup. The gurus shared their struggles, hopes, thoughts, & fears, right along with every suggested shade of eyeshadow or lipstick. And I started to feel a connection - a type of one-sided, virtual friendship.

I know it sounds weird - but it's also sweet & simple, really. I went from poking fun at something, to being ultimately inspired to be my best self, by people who were strangers.

Over the years, my YouTube subscription box has been filled to the brim with a wide variety of beauty gurus. True, I have my favorites, but the truth is - they all offer something up to me: the burning desire to really take care of myself, put my best foot forward, & cultivate a lifestyle I can enjoy & take pride in. 

And that's why I watch YouTube beauty videos. 

Interested in which channels & videos I'm loving most in the YouTube Beauty Community right now? I'll be sharing some of my current favorites on Monday!


Allyssa said…
I love the beauty community on YouTube! I've learned so much from them. Unfortunately, I've had to unsubscribe from a bunch, as I was buying lots of makeup that I never wore. haha.
Gabrielle said…
Love this post!! 95% of my YouTube subscriptions are beauty guru's, and I watch A LOT!! From looking at the picture you posted, I can already tell that you watch Ms Glammorazzi, Leighanne Says and Amarixe, awesome!!!!

You should check out: Eleventh Gorgeous, ARose 186, Dani Austin, EssieButton, and SarahBelle93x!!

As you can see, obsessed.

At first I thought it was embarassing to watch them too, but there is some awesome tips and tricks out there and I have learned a lot!

Actually, the other day my husband was commenting on how much makeup I have in my makeup BAG, BAG!!! I told him that there was girls on YouTube that have rooms just for makeup, HUGE storage areas and I told him to be thankful, LOL!!

They have thousands of dollars in makeup and beauty products!!

siddathornton said…
thank you so much for the recommendations! i'm always looking for new channels to discover & fall in love with. i've watched essiebutton before, but all the other ones are new to me, & i can't wait to check them out!

and haha, i tell my husband the same thing. he thinks i have a lot of makeup too, but it's nothing compared to some of those makeup collection videos i watch!
siddathornton said…
oh, i've definitely been swayed to purchase things i definitely didn't need, just from watching those videos! i've scaled my purchasing back a whole lot, though, & i use the videos to research things i think i want to buy - i think it's a pretty good system :)

i, too, have learned tons from them. it sounds silly, but i don't really know where i'd be without them [sounds dramatic, too, haha!]

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