best of youtube beauty lately.

This past Thursday, I wrote a post sharing why I watch YouTube beauty videos. Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite channels, as well as specific videos on each of those channels that I've found especially inspiring lately.

So, without further ado...

| Tanya Burr
March Favorites
Drugstore Makeup

| MakeupByTiffanyD
Drugstore Foundation Routine

| leighannsays
Favorites & Unfavorites

| amarixe
Used Up Products
Bath & Body Works Candles & Fragrances

| chelseawears
Looking Forward to Spring, Part One
Looking Forward to Spring, Part Two
Looking Forward to Spring, Part Three
Looking Forward to Spring, Part Four

| Pink So Foxy
Weekly Makeup Basket
DIY Sugar Cookie Scrub

| AprilAthena7
Drugstore Haul & Review

| zoella
February Favorites
British Slang

And everything from the following channels:
emilynoel83 - Informative, inspiring, & interesting.
allthatglitters21 - Comforting & inspiring.

Do you watch Youtube beauty videos? What are some channels I need to check out?


Stephanie Mostek said…
Love watching beauty videos on Youtube! I'll have to remember these links for when I have more time. Another good one is Bubzbeauty, she does some cute makeup looks and also some hairstyles!
Allyssa said…
I'm so glad you introduced me to Leighann. She is hilarious! I'm a huge fan of Emily. She's probably my all time favorite. And Elle is great too! I haven't watched her videos in awhile, but I used to religiously watch her and her sister's videos. Thanks for sharing all these videos! I added a bunch to my watch later list!

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