around here lately.

What is it about being in a different place, that completely throws my blogging rhythm - & well, really all of my routines - off kilter? Is it simply the excitement of being in a new place, with different things to occupy my time during the day? Or perhaps it's because this new place I'm in is actually my hometown, & I feel overwhelmed by all the people & places I want to visit while I'm here. Either way, I am missing blogging. When something is such a large part of your daily life, you definitely feel the void when it's missing.

Luckily today, I found my way over to Barnes & Noble, & I'm sat in a corner at a very small table with a strawberries & cream cupcake & a cup of piping hot coffee in my camera lens travel mug. And I'm feeling like now is the time to bust out a couple of posts.

My last Around Here Lately post came to you from Pinehurst, North Carolina. It's only fitting that this one will come to you from another vacation spot - my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. So, this installment will feature two heres that are 1,020 miles apart: the aforementioned Shreveport, & of course, the beloved Wilmington, North Carolina.

favorite book shop in wilmington | golf tournament in shreveport

blue skies after church | starbucks sunday

repaired engagement ring | flowers at harris teeter

dinner at elijah's | muscadine toast
 lunch with justin | 1,020 miles to shreveport
mom's flowers from kara | starbucks date with lindsey & katie
out with anna claire & ward | visiting friends at bass pro
photos: instagram


Rachel said…
Love all the pictures especially the blue skied and all the pretty flowers! Being in a different town or on vacation definitely throws your daily routine off! I have no excuse of being on vacation lately I am just a bad blogger the past couple weeks he he! Fun post!

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