the sunday currently, volume 31.

Hello from Shreveport! I got in town on Friday around one, & I've been going non-stop ever since.

reading Little Women, still. And it's the funniest thing, because my mom & dad actually got me that book for Christmas many, many years ago, and I always felt bad for never having read it. I thought it was one of my Mom's favorite books. Well, the other night, I was telling her how it was taking me forever to get through the book, & she confessed to me that she had begun it many times, but had never finished it, despite enjoying it. Maybe this not-being-able-to-finish-Little-Women phenomenon runs in our family?
writing this blog post via my mom's iPad. And I like it. 
listening to Mollie Jean snoring. 
thinking about everything I need to do while I'm here. 
smelling that 'home' smell. 
wishing Justin was here in town with me. 
hoping that by tomorrow I'll have overcome my 'auto lag.' Driving 1,020 miles makes you feel weird. 
wearing lots of chapstick. The whole time I was driving here, I was blasting the air conditioner, which ended up severely chapping my lips. Oops. 
loving being able to see friends from home. Yesterday morning I had a Starbucks date with Lindsey & Katie, & we sat outside talking for so long that I actually got a sunburn. And Anna-Claire came over after she got off work. We went for a run with my dad, she came to eat at Cantina with us, & she & I met Ward out for a couple drinks downtown. 
wanting Strawns butterscotch pie. Soooooooon. 
needing a good night's sleep. 
feeling weird that I'm actually in Shreveport. It kind of feels like I never left, in a way. 
clicking nothing for the past couple days. I've been driving or meeting up & hanging out with people. There hasn't been time for much else. I'm excited to get caught up on all my favorite blogs. 

photo: none today,because i don't currently have access to my photos. back to normal next week!


Yes to "home" smell! That's so funny, I was thinking the same thing about our new house and how I won't feel completely situated until it starts to have that soothing, "I'm home at last" scent to it. My parents' house always smells like flowers, and I associate that with being safe and loved. Nice things to associate with home. :)
Rachel said…
So glad you made it safely and it sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!! Enjoy the rest of your time with family and friends! Time spent with loved ones is the best!
Jess said…
Haha sounds like you need to plan a little book club with your mom so that you both have a great reason to finish it. Though I`ll admit I`ve never finished it either ;)

My Sunday Currently Post
Amy Lynn said…
There is nothing better than that "home" smell! I hope you have a great trip :)
Tina Byland said…
Sounds like you are having a great time back at home! Enjoy!
siddathornton said…
i'm having a blast! i just wish justin could be here with me. i also haven't looked at blogs in almost an entire week, which feels weird. hopefully i'll find a rhythm soon!
siddathornton said…
it's so comforting! thank you so much :)
siddathornton said…
it really is! thank you so much :)
siddathornton said…
i love your parents' 'home smell.' i'm going to have to start having flowers in our apartment!
Anonymous said…
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can I tell you a secret? Little Women is one of my favorite stories, but I like the movie (the one with Winona Ryder from the early '90s) better than the book. EEK!

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