jackson snapshot: the journey there.

As you may have gathered from this post, my sister, Kara, graduated college a few weekends ago. Justin & I were lucky enough to make the trip west to be a part of all the festivities, & I wanted to share the memories here so that I can treasure them even more. I've decided to split the posts up by event, so there will be six total, when all is said & done. Without further ado, I give you: the journey there.

Please note: For some reason, I toted our DSLR along for the trip to Jackson, but didn't take a single photo with it. Thus, all the coverage from this event will include photos taken on an iPhone.

We journeyed to Jackson on a Thursday evening, so that Justin could get in a full day at work beforehand. We stopped over in Atlanta, which, weirdly enough, has become one of my favorite airports. There is a restaurant there, called Cafe Intermezzo, which has become a little travel landmark of sorts for Justin & me. It has become a part of our travel routine, when we find ourselves in Atlanta, to stop in, have a light dinner, then share a piece of cheesecake & a pot of tea. It has truthfully become such a travel comfort to me, & it is one I look forward to eagerly.

a little internet surfing at the dinner table - justin & i call this "reading our people"

After a short & smooth flight from Atlanta to Jackson, we were given a grand greeting by Kara, welcoming committee in tow. As we were arriving in the midst of graduation festivities, events were happening all over Millsaps campus, & Kara recruited a few of her friends to accompany her on the trek out to the airport. It was so nice [and dare I say, completely entertaining] to have such a warm, inviting welcome to my sister's college town. It was definitely an indication of all the fun that was to come that weekend!

We stayed at the rustic, cozy Cabot Lodge for the weekend, & I couldn't have been happier with that choice. The Cabot is right on the edge of Millsaps' campus, so we felt like we were right in the thick of things the whole time, which you will be able to see in subsequent posts.

I'll be popping in next Wednesday with the next installment of our Jackson travel series, which will recap the events of a Friday morning spent with the graduate herself!


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