Monday, June 30, 2014

posting schedule: summer 2014.

Well, folks, I did it! I blogged every single day in June, & it feels great! To read more about my thoughts on June Blogs, check out my post from Saturday. As I mentioned in that post, I felt like I needed to create & commit to a blogging schedule. And as you may have guessed from the graphic above, that is exactly what I did. For a more detailed look at this new blogging schedule, read on!

SUNDAY - As most of you know, Sunday is the day that I reserve for the weekly link-up that I host: The Sunday Currently. With the new blogging schedule, this day will remain the same: there will continue to be a new edition of The Sunday Currently every single Sunday, at 12 noon. Come link up if you'd care to share what you've had going on recently.
MONDAY - Monday will play host to two different genres of posts: those of a goal-oriented nature, or those of a personal nature. What kind of posts can you expect to see in the "Goals" category? The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes link up, an edition of my Things posts at the beginning of each month, or any other smattering of goal-related items. I've decided on an every-other-week frequency for my linking with the Weekly Wishes crew, because I felt a little bit rushed with only having one week's time for each set of three goals. I think having two weeks to accomplish those things will help to decrease my stress levels. Personal posts will be what they've always been: little snippets of life, thoughts, reflections, etc.  
TUESDAY - If you love posts about organization, Tuesday will be your favorite day around here. Thanks to the wonderful Organized Jen, I have, over the last year or so, reignited my love of organization, planning, & routines. Examples of past organization posts can be found here, & they serve as a good guideline of things to come. In addition, I will also be using Tuesday to post about any projects - knitting, crochet, or otherwise - that I have going on. 
WEDNESDAY - This is photo day! For quite a while, I have used Wednesdays to showcase my array of snapshot posts, which are often the product of either travel or of toting my DSLR around Wilmington, pretending to be a tourist. You'll also find around here lately posts in this slot, which is the way I share & recap my recent Instagram photos. Personal posts are also an option on this day, but I foresee this as housing mostly photo posts. I wanted to leave the option open to just pour my heart out on a random Wednesday, if needed, though. 
THURSDAY - On Thursdays around here, you can expect to find outfit boards, a la Cozy Thursday, beauty product boards like these past wish lists, &, well, any other kind of collage board you can think of. In addition, Thursdays will also house my empties posts, playlists, subsequent editions of recent reading, & more. I'm still dreaming up new series for this section, so be on the look out!  
FRIDAY - In addition to my Weekender posts, I've created a new genre of posts for this space: Improvement. This category encompasses the world of health & fitness, & I plan to share a lot more on those topics in the future. 
SATURDAY - No posts on Saturday around here. This is my re-charge day.

As you can see, this schedule dictates that I will be posting every day of the week other than Saturday. I am committing to that rhythm for the time being, but please know that this schedule may change in the future, as I will be starting Grad School in the Fall. If the schedule does change, however, I will post an updated one! 

You may also have noted that Personal appears on every single day, except for Sundays, which are for The Sunday Currently, & Saturday, which is my day off. Personal posts look a lot like this. Or this. Or this. I wanted to leave the option open for those posts on pretty much any day, because they are some of my very favorite posts to write, & also some of my very favorite types of posts to read on other peoples' blogs. 

So there you have it! That will be my blogging schedule for the foreseeable future. As I mentioned earlier, this schedule may change in the coming months, but I will post an update when that happens. I love the idea of having a more structured blogging routine, & I hope you do, too. This will also serve as a guide for any of you to know when the kind of content you're most interested in will be popping up around these parts. So you see, it's a win-win!

Do you have a posting schedule? What does it look like? Please share! And also note: I will soon be sharing my blog-writing & social media management schedules, if you're interested in seeing how I'm getting organized with scheduling posts & such. Those posts will be up on a Tuesday in the near future!

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Want to join me in blogging every day in June? The more the merrier. I even made a button to celebrate the occasion. Feel free to use it in your blog sidebar or in the body of your posts. Let's encourage one another to get back to our blogging roots. Happy blogging!


siddathornton said...

I love this! I'm so excited to see that you will still be posting nearly every day. I really look forward to your posts. The chart you made looks really nice, and it inspires me to one day make a posting schedule like that. With my job, I have been unable to find time to write posts more than 3x per week, so I'm very impressed. I love blogging though, so maybe I should try harder.... And, I love all your Jen shout-outs! I love her videos too.

siddathornton said...

I'm very excited to see that you'll be posting most days of the week with your new schedule! I used to have a "schedule" of sorts that I'd try to follow (beauty posts on Tuesdays, book reviews on Thursdays, etc.) but now I'm finding myself feeling the need to break away from that for awhile. I'd like to feel freedom to post beauty posts two days a week if I'd like, for example. My linkups will stay on the same days, of course, but others I think I will move around at will. I tend to update every day, although if I don't have something ready and don't feel like posting on Saturday, I won't. I've thought about taking Saturday's off all together, but there are some things that I want to post about that I don't think would appeal to all of the people who read my blog, so I tend to schedule those for Saturday, as I've noticed that traffic to my blog goes down a lot on Saturday.

siddathornton said...

Good luck! Sounds like you have a great plan! I look forward to it

siddathornton said...

So excited for the Tuesday posts! And Thursdays!... Heck, I'm excited for all of them! :)

siddathornton said...

Thank you! :) I'm excited about it all!

siddathornton said...

Thank you! I hope this schedule will work out!

siddathornton said...

I haven't fully stuck to the schedule since I posted it, but I plan to really get into it next week. I know that I will probably burn out on it eventually, but for now, I'm into it! I love hearing about other people's schedules - thank you for sharing yours!

siddathornton said...

Thank you so much for your comment :) It helps me to know that people are looking forward to reading my posts. And sometimes I need that extra push! I haven't been following this schedule to a T since I posted it, but next week I'm planning to really dive in.

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