jackson snapshot: friday day time.

As I mentioned in last Wednesday's post, I wanted to document the revelry that was Kara's graduation weekend in Jackson, Mississippi. Today I'll be sharing the goings-on of Friday day time, which as you will see, was quite eventful in itself. As we were gearing up for the Baccalaureate event that evening, as well as my parents' arrive from Shreveport, there was a festive twinge in the air, & I can still feel that very feeling today, as I am typing this out. 
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We woke up to a rainy Jackson Friday. Kara came & retrieved us from the Cabot, & we started the day off with a little brunch/lunch at Broad Street, followed by a quick perusal at Lemuria Books. A trip to Whole Foods happened, because what's a day without treats from their bakery section? It is important to note that this was the day I tried my first - EVER - macaron. [I know. How had I made it that far in life without tasting one?]. I got the coffee flavor, & it certainly packed a delicious punch. Sadly, our Whole Foods doesn't carry this delicacy [or perhaps it is a happy thing?]. 

After the joy that is Whole Foods, we were given a proper tour of Kara's more-than-precious house, a historic home right on North State Street. I had every intention of pulling out the DSLR & taking some detail shots, but alas, it never happened. We played music & nosed around the house while Kara got ready for graduation practice, during which we attempted to buy her a book about Jackson/Millsaps from Lemuria. They had NO books on Jackson OR Millsaps. How is that even possible? The jury is still out on that question.

We trekked out to Lowe's after practice to pick up a Mother's Day gift for my mom - a Japanese Maple. I had previously gifted her another of these trees, but as they are one of her favorite's, I thought her yard could do with an addition. She loved it, by the way. And I hope it will always remind her of Kara's graduation weekend that we spent together.

You may have noticed those ridiculous "selfies" at the end of the photo collage. I'd say sorry, but I'm not. Because when good eyebrow days happen, selfies happen. There's just nothing else to say on the matter.

Join me back here next week for a look at Baccalaureate, a Millsaps Graduation tradition. 


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