jackson snapshot: graduation.

Last week, we got to re-experience the joy that was Baccalaureate. Now, we're moving onward & upward to GRADUATION! Graduation was held bright & early on Saturday morning, at Christ United Methodist Church, which is quite a beautiful venue.

the crowd building before the graduation service started.
of course we had to take some selfies.
and here's a goofy one for you. you're welcome.

of course this is a bit pixellated, but i had to get a candid!

i love both of these photos very much.

post-graduation photos

we did a campus walk-through, as well as class re-enactment, as well.

Want to see more from Graduation Weekend?

Next Wednesday, I'll be sharing one of my very favorite parts of graduation weekend - a post-graduation trip to Fondren with my mom & Kara, as well as a happy hour well-spent in the lodge of the Cabot. I'm looking forward to sharing that.


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siddathornton said…
Aww. Congrats! Also, I love the new look!! :)
siddathornton said…
I think I've said this in response to all of the graduation pictures, but it looks like you all had a lot of fun! :) Graduations are always special events. :)
siddathornton said…
They really are - I'm just so glad that we were able to get over to Jackson to be there. I wouldn't have missed it!

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