someone is graduating college.

And just like that, we're off to Jackson.
And just like that, my little sister is graduating college.

By the time this post goes live, we will have landed in Jackson, and we will be reveling in all the graduating-from-college glory that this long weekend holds in store. I still remember the weekend - my birthday weekend - that we dropped Kara off at her dorm on Millsaps campus. I still remember taking a zillion pictures, and the way that Kara acted annoyed, but I knew she really was thankful that she had a crazy older sister, snapping photos here, snapping photos there, commemorating the moment. And next week, you'll get to see one of those photos, because during this graduation weekend, I plan to recreate my favorite photo from that move-in weekend. And then they'll be juxtaposed, and then there will be a blog post about it, and then I'll once again be stifling tears as I realize how very grown up my younger sibling is. 

This weekend is a weekend for pride and for tears and for happiness and for cheering.

And we will do that with all of our hearts.


Happy Graduation Weekend, Kara!

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Photo / Us at Geoff's Wedding / Sowell Archives


siddathornton said…
Graduation is such an exciting time, congratulations to your sister!

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