dear blog...

dear blog,

i miss you. i really do.
things just haven't been the same between us, have they?

i plan to change that. i want to go back to those days 
of getting excited to share things through you. 
photos, words, stories... life. i miss sharing it all. 

but most of all, i miss the thrill of simply running 
a blog that i'm passionate about. 
the thrill of putting together posts. 
having something i can be proud of. 
something that makes me happy when i think about it. 

you were once that thing for me, and i hope you will be again one day. 
until then, i'll stick it out with you. i'll keep trying until i get it right. 
i'll keep experimenting until i get the rhythm back down.

one thing is for certain: i will never give up on you.
 no matter what. we are in this together, you and me. 



siddathornton said…
You are seriously the cutest! I love this because it echoes my own thoughts about my blog
siddathornton said…
Love this. The constant fight to find our writing place is the struggle between getting stuck in a rut and finding our groove. Overly metaphoric, maybe. But I like the sound of it.
siddathornton said…
I notice this happening for me when there's so much real stuff happening in life, and the thought of blogging about it and making it public knowledge is just a little too terrifying for me to consider. Also, GIFs help. ;)

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