songs from wilmington: let's be happy.

Hello everyone. Thanks for your patience as I re-figure out my blogging rhythm. It seems to be a constant battle for me, doesn't it? I've been thinking very hard about blogging lately, & I have begun formulating some new goals, as well as a new mindset & approach toward this hobby of mine. I've also been working on a new design, which I'm excited about, & which I think will help on the motivation-to-post front. 

You may also have read via social media about my career news: I am going to OT school! I plan to share more about this, as well as our upcoming move, here on the blog soon. As expected, I am so excited! Not being able to share this news - I think - contributed in a large part toward the veritable silence in this space. Now that everything can be out in the open, I feel like I'll be posting a lot more frequently, which I feel will make me a whole lot happier.

As for today, I'm back with another playlist post! I love seeing other people's playlists - hopefully you do, too! These are a few of the songs I've really been loving this Spring. Enjoy.

WORK IT OUT | knox hamilton
ELEVATE | st. lucia
BRIDGES | broods
FROM NOWHERE | dan croll
I FEEL IT ALL | feist
FLOAT ON | modest mouse
HAPPY | pharrell williams
SLEEPYHEAD | passion pit
TONGUE TIED | grouplove
PARIS | magic man
MAGIC | coldplay
YOU GOT IT | roy orbison
BE STILL MY HEART | the postal service
NOTHING BETTER | the postal service
1234 | feist
WAYS TO GO | grouplove
FLAMES | cider sky
TWELVE THIRTY | the mamas & the papas
ALL OF THE PEOPLE | panama wedding
IT'S ALRIGHT | matt and kim
STEP | vampire weekend
I WANNA GET BETTER | bleachers
LET ME IN | grouplove

Some old, some new, some overplayed. But all ones that I love. There are quite a few other songs I've been loving recently, but I guess I'll save those for the next playlist. What have you been listening to recently? I'm always up for suggestions!

Want to listen to this playlist on Spotify? It can be found here.


siddathornton said…
Congratulations on your career news! That is so exciting!
siddathornton said…
Yayyy for OT school!! So happy for you!

&& I'm loving this playlist, pretty similar to what I've been listening to as of late.
siddathornton said…
Thanks, Chandler! I can't wait to start! It feels good to finally choose a career that I think will be great for me.
siddathornton said…
Thank you! :) I'm ecstatic!

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