Saturday, August 10, 2013

beach reading.

It's been too long since we've been to the beach around here. If I recall, we were supposed to be redoubling our efforts to get down there [or over there?] a lot this season... well, let's just say that Mother Nature had a different plan. It has been SO rainy here these last few weeks. And let's be honest - the beach & the rain don't really mix [Editor's Note: Unless, that is, you're in a beach-front condo with a balcony... in which case, I welcome a little beach rain with open arms. There's nothing quite like watching a storm come in over the water, with a cup of coffee or tea & a good book in hand... But I suppose that's another story for another day]. Perhaps we'll pop over to the beach this weekend? I'm sure that amidst cleaning the house [We have a visitor coming on Monday!], we will need a bit of a break. It sure would be nice to lie on the beach & read for a while. We'll see.

In the mean time, here is some beach reading I think you should peruse this weekend...

- Allyssa shared some tips for saving money at Target - because we all know that place is a trap. You walk in for one thing, you walk out with fifty things. May as well save a buck or two, right?

- Know what makes me happy? Chocolate chip cookies. That's why I was pretty thrilled to stumble across Aunt Peaches' post in which she shares Tessa's post on how to achieve your favorite type of chocolate chip cookies. Personally, my favorites are the more flour, baking powder, & dough chilled 24 hours varieties. What are yours?

- I love routine. I love daily rituals. I love reading about it & watching vlogs featuring it. And hopefully soon I'll start writing about it. Kind of like in this post that Victoria shared on Nicole's blog

Need more to read while you lounge in the sand?

photo: wrightsville beach in march

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