savannah snapshot: gryphon tea room.

We popped into Gryphon Tea Room on our second day in Savannah, & we didn't stop talking about it for the rest of our trip. I'll simply let the photos speak for themselves. We cannot wait to go back.

photos: gryphon tea room \ nikon


siddathornton said…
I love Savannah, and this tea room looks incredible! Definitely have to put it on my list if I ever go back! :)
siddathornton said…
OK, your Savannah posts make me just pine. Haha. This place looks lovely and I will be sure it add it to my list of places to peruse when I finally get to visit. :)
siddathornton said…
definitely put savannah on your list! i absolutely loved it, & i can't wait to go back! and when you do go, you MUST stop in to this tea room. it was both mine & justin's favorite part of the trip.

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