Sunday, November 10, 2013

the sunday currently, volume 60.

i certainly do hope this is how your day is beginning

Have you ever had a blogging idendity crisis? Felt like you weren't sure down which avenue you wanted to continue - in blogging terms? Wondered if your blog should be a niche blog, or one that covers everything under the sun? Well, that's kind of what I've been going through here on siddathornton. I came back strong after my September blogging break, only to burn out - FAST. 

This blog is something that used to bring me such profound joy. It was a part of my life, just as much as it catalogued my life. It was part of my experience, & I have fantastic memories, focusing purely on the putting together of posts. 

But I have to be honest in saying that that is not how this space has made me feel as of late.

I'm not giving up, because I know the joy that blogging can bring. So, I'm going to soldier on through this time of uncertainty & weather the storm through to the other side. Things may not look the best around here right now, since I'm in a bit of a time of transition, but I hope you'll stick around & afford me some patience as I figure things out! Thank you, as always.

C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .  

R E A D I N G informational blog posts about how to design blogs using HTML. Of course this ties in with the aforementioned identity crisis. I'm going to try to learn how to design things right around here - something at which I've always wanted to try my hand. I know it's not something that's as easy as 1-2-3, but I'm going to give it my best shot before commissioning out to a professional. Any suggestions? Please feel free to point me in the direction of the best resources - there is a lot of information out there!
W R I T I N G in journals a lot lately, about food, about dreams, about struggles. I'm glad that I have at least been expressing myself, even if it hasn't been on this blog as much as I would hope. I refuse to force posts out of myself, because I find when I force things, I start to dislike my blog even more than I did when I wasn't producing content.
L I S T E N I N G to the sounds of the television. I'm writing this currently post on Saturday evening, & as I type, LSU is playing Alabama. All I have to say about that is, GEAUX TIGERS. 
T H I N K I N G that I needed that phone call with my mom earlier. I'm so excited for our Harry Potter Book Club, which we will begin when this semester ends. I can't WAIT. I also can't wait to visit Shreveport for two weeks in December. I'm so ready for our trip home!
S M E L L I N G McDonald's, because THAT happened tonight. Sometimes it's just a McDonald's kind of night. And my hardcore diet starts tomorrow - I'm in a wedding in less than two months!
W I S H I N G I was a more resilient person. I'm easily deterred, easily discouraged, & easily knocked off course. I need to work on rolling with the punches & taking things for what they are. I'm bad about fighting against things & being stubborn, & really, nothing good ever comes out of that.
H O P I N G for a surge of energy & wellness this week. This past week was a bit of a challenge for me. I felt like I was tired all the time, & I was experiencing a post-travel illness as well. Let's hope for a good one this week!
W E A R I N G a sweatshirt & scrub pants - my Fall lounging uniform.
L O V I  N G all of the coffee Justin & I have been consuming lately. Is that a weird answer? When I met Justin, he barely drank coffee, & now he sometimes suggests getting it!
W A N T I N G a renewed sense of hope & motivation this week. Last week, I did a great job of getting down on myself, & that certainly doesn't help anything. A good attitude goes a long way, & I need to remember that this week, for sure.
N E E D I N G to drink water like a fish this week. That is definitely something I've been missing. I feel like drinking an adequate amount of water is such an easy thing to do to improve your overall health, but it's also something that's really easy to fall off the bandwagon on, too.
F E E L I N G hopeful & peaceful. And compelled to use the gifts that God has given me. 
C L I C K I N G my most recent article in Wilma Magazine - check it out here. I always get so excited to see my byline in print.

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photo: coffee shop scenes | a Starbucks Saturday experience

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siddathornton said...

I'm sorry that you're having a blogging crisis! I think we all go through those, regardless of how or small the blog is. I've been feeling stuck lately, as well, and I'm trying to be patient and take my time. It's hard to manage a blog while working full-time, and I'm trying to figure out what works best for me and my schedule. If it helps, I have always enjoyed your space here, and your content seems so genuine to me. Whatever direction you decide to go in, I think it will be authentic and true to who you are, which is what matters most.

siddathornton said...

Makes me wonder if there's something in the air, because it feels like so many of us are going through blogging crises right now. Maybe it permeates, just like all the blogging experts' trends and tips for writing a successful blog. I had to evict most of those from my brain in order to get my love for blogging back because they just weren't working for me. They made me write too much like someone else. It's also hard to write like yourself when you've got too much other stuff like work and school and life in general rattling around in your head. Sometimes those things need to be dealt with, and it's not worth forcing something out when your heart isn't in it. At least, that's what I felt like I was doing. But I gave it time and space and the love for blogging - and the ME in my posts - came back. Your posts have always been very genuine, and wherever you decide to go with this won't be a forced change, but an evolution.

siddathornton said...

Hang in there! It does have ebbs and flows, doesn't it? I do a wee little bit of html-ing and I really enjoy it. It always gives me a sense of ownership. :) Enjoy your html-ing!

siddathornton said...

Don't be too hard on yourself...because you"re right...getting down on yourself never helps! Hang in there...and keep driniking that coffee =)

siddathornton said...

Everyone goes through ruts in all kinds of aspects in can make it through :]

siddathornton said...


siddathornton said...

I know just how you feel. While I don't always comment I, always read your blog and really enjoy it. I like your honesty and your outlook. You also have amazing pictures. Sometimes, just taking a break helps.

Hugs, Mree

siddathornton said...

I think you are in my head. No, really. As you may, or may not, have noticed I haven't blogged in months. It just wasn't feeling right, and I know all about times of transition. Sometimes I feel like I'm perpetually stuck in one. They can be hard, but I also think those times develop you more into who you're supposed to be. Bittersweet moments.

A Harry Potter book club? That sounds fun! I haven't been reading much lately. I really need to get back into it.

Oh, and I can also relate to being someone who's easily discouraged or set off course. I hate that about myself sometimes. I think it takes reflection to see that some things were never worth being worried or upset about. Enjoy that time back home, it's always a good time to feel refreshed!

p.s. Look at all the people linking up for The Sunday Currently... awesome! :-)

siddathornton said...

Thanks for this blog link up. I submitted mine too.

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