jackson bound.

today i am headed to jackson, mississippi, & there are quite a few things i plan to do on this excursion.

first off, i plan to jam in my car to a pretty badass mix tape cd. 

secondly, i plan to stop in my college town - both on the way there & on the way back - because i feel like this is the last time i'll be going there for a long while... & i need to soak it up, remember all the feelings i felt in that charming little place, & remind myself that that town is one of the big reasons i am who i am today.

thirdly, i plan to eat some chili. 

fourthly, i plan to see my sister. and where she has been living for the past few weeks. and sit in her room & pretend to be her for a little while. you know, still in college. still having fun every single day. i also plan to remind her to never take college for granted. i am one of those people who miss college. a lot.

fifthly, i plan to finally visit the very-much-discussed coffee shop, cups

i also plan to take a lot of pictures, which i, in turn, plan to post on this little ole blog.

have a most lovely saturday!

photo: iphone, circa 2010


Jennifer said…
Sounds like sooo much fun!! Hope you enjoy your day!
Jenna said…
Have a safe and wonderful trip, Lauren! Sounds like you have such a fun agenda for the weekend! :) Can't wait to see photos afterwards!
The Bluths said…
have a good trip!!!

sounds so fun!!!

cute blog :)
memory said…
Aw shucks, I love road trips. Have a good time dear :) :)


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