friday's fancies #19: spring fever.

friday's fancies #19: spring fever.

and now, all i'm wishing for - truly - is to throw on everything pictured here, 
grab my camera, & go photograph every single lovely thing i can find. 

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I.LOVE.IT. All of it!

And I just painted my nails mint. They'd go perfectly with this outfit :)
I absolutely love your pics, especially the pink bow dress--so pretty! I can't wait for spring! Xoxo
whitney said…
i love the bright colors. i just bought some bright colors yesterday to get in the mood.

spring come on!!

[not that it is that cold this winter...but still]
Cheryl E. said…
Oh I love everything about this outfit! Its gorgeous!! We actually have a lot of the same accessories this fun ! :)

Have a great weekend girl:)

Stephanie said…
What a gorgeous dress!
Oooo that dress is beautiful! I love the ruffle detail in the front.
Miss Samantha said…
i absolutely love the colour of that cardigan :) xx
Anonymous said…
Nicole Rene said…
OMG. I waaaaaaant that dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No words can describe how cute I think that is...

Have a great weekend!!

Love this pink/yellow/mint combo!!
Very spring!!

Happy weekend!
so anthro said…
Ohmygoodness I want it all! That mint cardigan would look too adorable over the pink bow dress!
Clare Christine said…
This is just the most perfect spring outfit, I love it!! Your colors are perfect...those yellow earrings are GREAT (I chose them for my Friday's Fancies today as well!) Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!!
Twirling Clare
Jaclyn Kaye said…
Love Love Love the dress! Super cute.

Have a great weekend doll!

A Day in the Life and Mind...
Halina said…
Lovely collection of beautiful spring colors! I can't wait for spring and summer to arrive! I still have to wait a month.
20 Going on 80 said…
Ohhh I love this! Such bright and fun colors. I. Need. Spring. Now. Seriously, this winter can just peace outta here right now. Haha. Just found your blog, definitely following :)

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