starbucks sunday: currents + giveaway.

today's drink of choice = tall nonfat caramel macchiato

reading if you have to cry go outside, by kelly cutrone. i am really enjoying it - i think she's inspiring, entertaining, & funny. our book club meets in a couple of weeks & i'm excited to discuss it with everyone. being in a book club is such an awesome way to be introduced to books i never would have read otherwise - i'm a big fan.

writing final to-do lists: my last day at my current job is this thursday! i'm feeling a huge rush of emotions: excitement, sadness, a small touch of anxiety, & lots of hope for the future.

listening to my mom talk to mollie jean, abilene, & hun bun about having 'a little bitta chicken.' we are talk-to-our-dogs people.

thinking you should enter my givewaway! seriously, guys! i never thought hosting a giveaway would be so hard, but no one has entered mine yet. it would mean a lot to me if you'd enter. the software is really great, & since not a lot of people have entered, you'll have a better chance of winning :) the difficulty i've had with this has made me think i may not be cut out to host these things, so i probably won't for a while after this one.

smelling like i just got done working out. it's shower time after i finish writing this post, because in a little while, it's off to church.

wishing for a productive last week of work in the neurosurgery department. also, that i will be super productive in my last few weeks in shreveport before the big move to kinston. also, for safe travels for justin in the coming weeks! and that our road trip east is a lot of fun.

hoping to make some progress on my wedding to-do list this week. i'll have a week of super productivity, then i'll have a week where not much gets done. i'm ready for a productive week!

wearing workout clothes... ready to change that. i got a chic black dress & a sweet little navy cardigan from banana republic yesterday, & i have a unique print dress & black pencil skirt coming for me in the mail. i'm trying to build up my work wardrobe. next project = build up of flats collection.

loving my wedding dress! we're going to pick it up on tuesday. lindsey is coming with us! and yes, it's a different dress than the one i thought was the one. after an unpleasant experience with a well-know bridal chain, we went for a local bridal boutique. words cannot possibly describe how happy i am with that choice. everything happens for a reason, people. i should also say, i'm loving seeing results from my diet efforts. like, really loving it.

wanting cookies & biscuits. but i'm not going to eat them. i'm going to continue busting sugar, thank you very much.

needing to really center & focus myself this week. getting in the proper mindset is the key to productivity. at least in this camp.

photos: iphone, designed with my memories

want to win a copy of my memories? enter my giveaway!


Your blog is so pretty! I love this post :)
Alexa said…
Great post and wonderful recap! :)

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