currents: one sentence per line.

reading absolutely nothing.
i need a good book.
i'm going to do research today & go pick one up soon.

writing up the plans for a couple of blog series.
i'm excited about what's in store!
i'm about to start enfusing even more of myself on here.
more of my actual writing. 
i hate it when my passion for writing starts to fade.
i feel like part of myself is missing.

listening to 'we are young,' by fun.
my anthem.

thinking about what i want to read & write.
and about all the things i need to do on this second-to-last day of work in the neurosurgery department.

smelling my birthday perfume, my house or yours gina.
i doused myself before walking out the door.
because sometimes perfume just makes everything better (so does lipstick).

wishing for an end to misunderstandings.

hoping i don't let anything fall through.
i am balancing a lot of projects right now, & i hope none of them come crashing down right onto my head, like it sometimes feels they will.

wearing my mom's cardigan.
my beat-up skinny jeans.
my well-worn-in boots whose zippers don't always cooperate.
my long black shirt that is always comfortable.
my engagement ring.
and my glasses.

loving the fact that lindsey & i got to the theater an entire hour early last night, & spent the extra time sitting in the lobby, talking & people-watching.
after our talk, i felt the 'after yoga' feeling - you know what i'm talking about.
you walk a little taller, breathe a little deeper.
feel a little bit more like yourself.

wanting to go shopping.
to still be under the covers.
to be in the depths of a book that i can't stop reading.
to be in kinston, north carolina.

needing to find a turning point.
to find another light at the end of the tunnel.
to get excited about life again.
to pull myself out of this rut.
to find hope.
to be the happy person i know that i am.

p.s. this year, for valentine's day,
justin sent me my favorite flower -
orange roses - with a flower i'd never
received before - white roses.
brand new favorite? maybe.
love them? absolutely.

thank you, justin.

photos: iphone


Oh sweet friend... I am sorry for whatever you are going through. Remember to find happiness in thanks in the little things each day <3

Excited for your blog series!
linz marie said…
Isn't it funny how life works out. AKA how I don't pay very much attention to the details and rush us to the wrong theater! You are such a dear friend, miss lauren. I treasure our conversations. Who needs yoga when I've got a friend like you!?! :)

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