friday's fancies #20: red & pink.

friday's fancies #20: red & pink.

happy valentine's day!

i want to give one of my readers a valentine: check out my my memories giveaway!

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I'm swooning over those heels!
Cute! You did a great job putting the colors together. And we have the same polish taste :)
Miss Lindsay said…
OK I need everything for my Valentine's Day dinner date!!
What a PRETTY dress! Such a fun look that you have put together
that pink dress is so sweet. definitely my favorite type of pink not too bright, just perfectly sweet. and definitely a red nail to go with it!
That silk dress is gorgeous! And that ring! LOVE this outfit!

Happy weekend!

Ashley said…
I love this look!!! Gorgeous!
Cheryl E. said…
Oh this outfit is simply beautiful. I love everything about it.

Happy Weekend girl!

so pretty! love the dress and necklace!!
Jenna said…
I want those heels! They are seriously stunning!!!
smk053078 said…
Great choices! Butter is my new favorite nail polish brand! And those heels are TDF!! So glad I came across your blog from My Friday's Fancies!! Happy Friday!!

Because Shanna Said So
Alexa said…
Beautiful. Love love that pretty little dress.
briannelee said…
That dress is so pretty. I love it!!!!
This dress is gorgeous - like a beautiful watercolor painting! Great minds think alike - I nearly used that butter nail polish, too! Happy weekend!
I can't tell you how much I love that dress, gorg!

Happy Friday!

Nuha said…
that watercolor dress is gorgeous!
so anthro said…
Oh that dress is so lovely what a gorgeous fabric!!
JRuud said…
LOVE that dress! Love your blog!

Happy Friday.
Nikell said…
Oh, the colors in that dress are gorgeous!!

Have a fabulous weekend,
Nicole Rene said…
Such a cute outfit you put together! That dress is so adorable!! :) I love it all!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Nicole Rene
Clare Christine said…
Beautiful dress!! I am loving this "air-y" dress look with all the accessories that you picked out. I hope you had a great week and Happy Weekend!
Twirling Clare
ahhh! such a gorgeous dress! I desperately need to try that Lola lotion--I wear that perfume and so I know I'd love it. sigh. so happy to have you linking up! xoxo {av}
Julie Merryman said…
I love the dress. So pretty. The necklace is great too! Your picks are perfect for Valentine's Day!
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

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