starbucks sunday: caramel frappuccino currents.


reading sarah morgan: the civil war diary of a southern woman. although i'm not even sure if i can claim that i'm reading this currently. it has been sitting on my bedroom floor (along with the laundry version of mount everest) for about a week & a half. i really need to pick up our next book club read,  if you need to cry, go outside. i want the reading bug to bite me - i need an escape.

writing tons & tons of to-do lists. i need to set up appointments, start packing up my room, & countless other activities, many of them wedding-related.

listening to & watching the super bowl with my parents. i'm a little sad i missed madonna's performance. i've heard mixed reviews.

thinking about what i want to do with my life. again. it's a never-ending question which i fear will never be answered. also thinking about the vlogs i want to film with my better camera - YAY!

smelling freshly-baked cookies. 

wishing i could shake this annoyed feeling. today has been less than stellar. 

hoping the week ahead proves productive. and that i will be less of a klutz. you know those days where you can't stop running into things, dropping things, & basically just sucking at life? that was me, all of last week.

wearing jeans & a sweatshirt. and i just came from church. i look awesome.

loving this caramel frappuccino.

wanting to get in a better mood.

needing to get in a better mood.

photo: photobooth


Jenna said…
I hate days when I just can't shake an annoyed feeling!! I wish I could just stay in bed and sleep and take a day off from all scheduled activities when I'm feeling like that! Meh!!!

I thought Madonna's performance was mostly awesome! Loved when she performed her hits, but I think her new song is so odd. She really looks strange with a pair of pom-poms, too! Eeek.
I hope that next week is better for you! & I agree on the better mood part, I've been in a terrible mood this weekend!
April said…
Hope you get in a better mood!
Stephanie said…
I totally understand the constant thinking about what you want to do with your life. It's frustrating and exciting at the same time.
Melissa said…
The Kelly Cutrone book is WELL WORTH a read -- seriously. Pick it up, lady! And I hope you get in a better mood :) everything will be okay.

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