friday's fancies #22: oscars.

friday's fancies #22: oscars.

in a perfect world, i'd be attending a fancy oscars viewing party with my friends.

in a perfect world, i'd be wearing this ann louise roswald dress. i love the color.

in a perfect world, i'd be rocking a smoky eye, featuring nars lhasa eye shadow.

in a perfect world, i'd be pulling these gucci heels on over a fresh pedicure.

if you're wondering why it's nars' lhasa eye shadow in particular that i'm craving for my smoky eye look, it's all due to fleurdeforce's nars products video. as a fellow nars lover, i really enjoyed hearing about her favorite products, as well as products she doesn't like. even if you don't love nars, check her out!

since i left my job, i have barely been blogging at all, & to be honest, i've really been missing it. i hate it when people apologize for not blogging - after all, blogging is a choice, not a responsibility - but i just thought i'd mention that i have missed blogging regularly & plan on getting back into it shortly.

with that being said, i always told myself that around the 10,000 page view mark, i'd redesign my blog. i really love my header, but i think it's time for a fresh look. i do believe that joelle, from something charming, is hosting a blog design giveaway - time to go check that one out!

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that dress is absolutely stunning! i would definitely wear it :) and congratulations on so many page views!!!!
you are so fab! those shoes are killer xxxx
Stephanie said…
Loving those shoes!
I love watching Fleurdeforce; I think she's great! And those shoes are killer - in a good way of course ;] Have a great weekend!
Hey! I am a major Nars lover as well!
That lipgloss is killer. I want it! lol
Love those shoes, too.

Just spent some time reading your blog. I love it as well. :)

Have a great weekend!
Flora Fricker said…
The dress is beautiful! LOVE the colour x
ooo i really like that dress and the plum/green combo! hot! can't wait to see how your design turns out :)
Jenna said…
Eeeek! SO pretty. I love Nars! I might try out that shadow now!
Natasha said…
Those shoes are to DIE! I want them... right meow.

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