my experience: wedding diet & exercise.

lots of women want to lose weight for their wedding, & i have to admit, i'm definitely one of those. ever since this ring hit my finger, i've had diets on the mind. and while i've had my share of 'ok, my diet starts tomorrow' diatribes, i feel like i've finally settled on the one.

my dad experienced excellent results with sugar busters - so that is what i have decided to do. granted, i am only on day two... so i better not get ahead of myself. but i am feeling a lot better, & i'm feeling like i'm going to make progress.

basically, sugar busters places a lot of emphasis on cutting carbs - something we all know results in weight loss. this is definitely going to be a challenge for me - i LOVE pasta, bread, potatos, etc. but something i've  been telling myself, is that if i can make this sacrifice for a little while, it will be so much better when i am finally able to indulge.

and let's not forget the exercise... i have a love/hate relationship with exercise, which is why it's so important for me to find the appropriate balance. the pattern i find myself in most frequently is one of working out eight days in a row, hard core... then not working out for two weeks solid. this is not conducive to weight loss or a healthy lifestyle. thus, i've challenged myself to do small things every day: go to a yoga class, do 30 minutes on the elliptical after work, go on a run in the neighborhood now that it's staying light outside longer. don't get me wrong... as the wedding draws nearer, i am absolutely certain i will up the ante & clock more gym hours. but for right now, i am focusing on a healthy diet & consistency with workouts.

with a past of yo-yo dieting, binge eating, & calorie restriction, i have to be careful about how far i go with diets & exercise. i know that if i get too into it, i could get out of control & slip back into the unhealthy zone. that's why i want to write about my experience with wedding diet & exercise every step of the way... & beyond.

the goal here is to get healthy & get results... here we go!

married girls, what did you do to get in shape for your wedding?

single girls, what do you plan to do?

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linz marie said…
As you know, I have started calorie counting with the 'lose it' app. I am loving the control I feel in actually knowing what I'm eating and how it affects weight loss. I can't wait to hear about your experiences with Sugar Busters!!
Hi Lauren,

I couldn't help but smile while I was reading your post here. I am currently "training" for wedding dress shopping and I want you to know there's something out there that works! It's called shakeology ( It's NOT a protein drink or something that will make you feel deprived. It's a meal replacement that you drink for like breakfast or something. Why is it so great? Because it's got all your fruits and veggies you need in a day + 70 other whole foods from around the world. It energizes you and naturally helps you lose weight because your body is finally getting the nutrients it needs!! The best way I can explain it is if you feel your body with junk you're going to feel like junk and your body won't be getting proper nutrients and be HUNGRY again. I was the queen of potato chips and I haven't touched them in a month! Before I couldn't go a day w/o them...It busts your cravings and makes you feel full. Have you ever heard of you turbo jam or turbo fire?! Those are GREAT programs from the GREAT Chalene Johnson! I'm not kidding when I say it works.. if you'd like more information my email is or phone is 6052330328 (you can text me!) I'm here to help, I'm on the same journey!
Nikell said…
First off let me say CONGRATS!!
I didn't do anything to get in shape before my wedding. However, I have had success in the past with cutting calories and exercising. I've recently started back to exercising a couple of weeks ago. I like Amy Dixon's Kick Boxing workouts and Jillian Michaels workouts are good too.
Kate said…
I did weight watches with my mom the summer before my wedding, and I also did the Jillian Michael's 30-Day shred, and I was really happy with the results! I didn't follow either of them too too strictly (I mean, how can you with showers and whatnot?) and I still felt like they made a big difference.

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