the sunday currently, volume 52.

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1 year!

Today marks 1 year of TSC here on siddathornton. Today marks 1 year of rising each Sunday to get my post up before noon. Today marks 1 year of people linking up & sharing their currentlies with us all. See volume one here. This project has been such a blessing. I've gotten to know a lot of you through this linkup, & I hope I get to know even more of you in this next year to come.

C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .  

R E A D I N G World War Z, for my Ethics class. I'm pretty intrigued by it. And it's nice to be able to read a novel, as mandated by school, since I'm not allowing myself to indulge in pleasure reading until this semester comes to a close in December.
W R I T I N G a LOT of journal entries in my homemade planner this past week. I had quite a rough week, as far as school is concerned, & writing out my feelings, as well as talking them out with Justin, helped worlds. 
L I S T E N I N G to My House Wife Life videos as I tap out this entry.
T H I N K I N G about time management & methods for keeping on top of all my school work without having a mental breakdown. Like I said, last week was a doozie. But I have a lot of hope for the week to come. I think things are going to be better & more manageable. 
S M E L L I N G the pumpkin spice coffee I'm currently sipping on. I need to hurry & finish this post so I can finish the cup before it gets cold.
W I S H I N G it was already December. I'm not one to wish time away - definitely not - but to say that I am ready for this semester to be coming to a close is quite the understatement.
H O P I N G I can maintain control over my emotions this week.
W E A R I N G my comfiest blue t-shirt, my big navy polo pajama pants, & freshly-dyed hair.
L O V I  N G my Harry Potter mug [see photo above]. Kara sent it to me for my birthday, & it was love at first sight.
W A N T I N G a great workout today.
N E E D I N G to make a list & get things prioritized today. I have a few things to accomplish.
F E E L I N G hungry this morning. Ready for breakfast, or brunch, or lunch, or whatever comes my way today.
C L I C K I N G The Sunday Secrets this morning.

I know this wasn't really the perkiest of TSCs that has ever graced this page, but I am still anxiously awaiting October, when I will be blogging full-force again. This break has already taught me a lot about blogging, about expectations, & about time management. I'm hoping that when I return in October,  I will remember to manage my time & my expectations. I can't wait to be back!


photo: the cutest harry potter mug i ever did see | instagram

Now it's your turn. Tell me: what are you doing? Link up below to share.


siddathornton said…
Yay! This has become one of my favorite link ups, some Sunday's are easy and some are more difficult but I look forward to being able to look back on my Sunday's.

I love your mug!!! I can't wait for October 1st, I miss your blogging!
siddathornton said…
Love this! I haven't linked up in a while, but I'm glad I did! It seems our Sundays are a little similar, and I love your coffee cup!
siddathornton said…
love that mug!!!

i am so glad you created this link up,it is always fun and perfect for a sunday post :)
siddathornton said…
Happy anniversary of TSC! I love this link up and I am so glad you had the brillian idea to start it! Mmm I want a PS coffee! Journaling can help so much sometimes with writing your feelings down! Something theraputic about it! Have a wonderful Sunday!
siddathornton said…
This is one of my favorite link-ups and one of my favorite posts to write! We write so many carefully crafted and curated posts usually that it's so nice to have one that's kind of like a candid snapshot behind the scenes of our lives. :D
siddathornton said…
I love your mug!!!! And I cannot wait for October - hands down, my favorite month! I can't get into Fall quite yet. October is a good starting point (in my mind at least).
siddathornton said…
That mug is amazing!!!
siddathornton said…
I love your HP mug Lauren! :))

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