around here lately.

Hello. Happy two thousand fifteen! It's been quite a while since my last around here lately post, so I thought I would share some images from the last month or so with you all today. It's been a whirlwind holiday season, and I feel nostalgic poring over these particular images. Enjoy!

my family, arriving in raleigh for christmas at RDU
festive decorations in downtown greenville
the road from smithfield to new bern

shopping in raleigh

roaming duke's campus
lounging at the starbucks in chapel hill

our christmas tree stays up until the new year
two thousand fifteen: the year of lipstick and bangs
christmas at the ontario house

drinks at bird cafe in sundance square in fort worth with justin, jesse, & brian
slumber party with austen jane and jordan in frisco

a west shreveport sunset
remembering justin's grandma with this north monroe sunset
we started friends from the beginning

lunch at dawg house in ruston with justin's mom
the obligatory travel strawberry cream tea latte while on layover at ATL

Today marks the beginning of spring semester, and with that new beginning, I will also be launching into my new years resolutions/goals for the year. I hope to share them soon! What are your resolutions and goals for this year?

photos via my instagram


Shon said…
Hey, Happy New Year! You had such a nice time with family it seems!

Thank you for popping in and keeping us updated. I can't wait for your blog reveal...I feel like a need to spruce things up a bit myself??

Take care! Oh, yes 2015 is definitely a year for lipcolor for me too! I love your bangs and red lipstick!
Crystal said…
I love these posts! How's the Hemingway book?

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